Minor Earth Major Sky 2. It has all the elements of a successful concert, that being decent music, great sound, clean video, high energy and audience participation. Lots of opinions but very little content. The concert was filmed at night and the black levels were pretty much spot on, reproducing deep blacks and resolving shadow details almost perfectly. The Dolby Digital 2. No music clip is included. Subtitles are mostly accurate.

a-ha live at vallhall homecoming

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Again looking at the last seven years, this time for Paul Waaktaar-Savoy. The menu itself is simple to navigate. The Living Daylights Also includes subtitle for the dialogue but not the song lyrics.

Stay On These Roads There is also a downmixed version of vallhaol track in Dolby Digital 2. Turn it off here. This allowed the music at times to drown out the lyrics. Stay On These Roads. The Dolby Digital 5. The subwoofer was alive and well for this transfer.

Some posterization is present whenever the spotlights conspire to over-expose some poor sod or area see examples mentioned above but again this is to be expected and really does not livr in any way from the material being presented.

a-ha live at vallhall homecoming

Lip sync is almost impossible to determine. They followed through on this success with three additional albums and sold-out concerts around the world.


No music clip is included.

It contains several deliberately induced artefacts including colour bleed, film artefactswhite levels washout and colour desaturation as special effects.

Subtitles had a tendency to paraphrase the spoken dialogue so listen carefully.

The dynamic contrast in liive transfer is simply incredible, ranging from the aforementioned midnight blacks of the sky to the extreme brightness of the powerful spotlights as they try to do their worst at over-exposing the stage.

Crowd effects were also present in all the channels front, side and even wrapping around into the rears, providing a heightened sense of being present at the live event.

A-ha Live at Vallhall – Homecoming Grimstad Benefit Concert – Wikipedia

Presented in an aspect ratio of 2. Lip sync is slightly off. I checked and each extra was located on the second layer of the disc with the concert and menu being exclusively located on the first layer. The audio and video quality was lacking in this extra as it was mostly shot on video cam.

Thought That It Was You 7. Crying In The Rain This clip is really kive in many respects and well worth checking out at least once. The full gamut of darkness, brightness and colour is present in abundance.


a-ha live at vallhall homecoming

Aliasing was somewhat of a problem but again it is to be expected in any stage concert given the number of nice chrome edges There were two audio tracks for this presentation. Little Black Heart 4. Similar look at the last seven years for Magne Furuholmen.

English Dolby Digital 2.

Morten Harket: Himself

Both tracks carry significant subHz information which, whilst well integrated with the music and never inappropriately calling attention to itself, lacks definition and tightness. It has all the elements of a successful concert, that being decent music, great sound, clean video, high energy and audience participation.

It also covers the best of their original songs and much of their new material which has improved. The video quality is a mixed bag of footage from various sources, ranging from unacceptable to extremely sharp. The bass was very loose and most likely reflects the over-emphasised bass present at the live performance as a result of the bass towers that are typical at live concerts.