I merely open long should the pair jump up or open short should the pair plummet. Monday, September 27, Accustrength. Anonymous comments are disabled in this journal. Tom Yeomans tomyeomans wrote, – 12 – 14 On the other hand, the JPY is currentlyat 2.

accustrength 4

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The AccuStrength is the best currency strength charting platform in the world. And that is why you would use a currency strength chart. His primary strategy back then was trading economic news events, mostly using fundamental news event data xccustrength currency strength measurements to guide his trading decisions.

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accustrength 4

You also need to consider the trading benefits of having better quality product like this one. It was the first commercially available software currency strength chart with built-in data and a user adjustable environment. So a H1 time-frame will measure currency strength over the previous 60 minutes. Accustrength is one of the most accurate currency strength meters on the market. Tom has put the price back up on his main site but he has kept it at the heavily discounted rate for Clickevents, but only for today, so if interested, grab the seven day trial now!


Then I learned that some currencies tend to move together. InTradetime Products changed all that with the introduction of the AccuStrength.

It was first released over 7 years ago, and has undergone continual refinement over that period. The situation gets worse near economic news reports.

Why not use a currency strength chart instead of meter?

You can grab that here. Subscribe below to receive posts by email. The monthly cost is even lower with longer subscription periods i. Accustrength is a subscription based product.

Accustrength – Currency Strength Meter – Review

Most traders follow two to four pairs at any given time. First, I look for a cross-over of the currencies, that is, when currency strengths change position.

Log in No account? Then I wait a few minutes to ensure that the strengthening and weaking of the currencies continue.

Monday, September 27, Accustrength. Any rational person that trades forex can understand the need for a tool that shows the performance of individual currencies on their own. It shows the performance of individuals. Newer Post Older Post Home.

accustrength 4

Your reply will be screened Your IP address will be recorded. It is one part of a complex picture when accustrengyh to assess what the market is most likely going to do in the future. If your trading style requires faster data e. We provide a reliable and accurate tool for forex speculators and give them another very important part of the FX market picture. However the human brain would not be able to track multiple pairs efficiently. For the image above, take note that the JPY had been rising in power.


Something that displays how they are accustrngth among their peers. Includes using the new Dynamic Fib Bands and live market action. It’s considered by many traders as the gold standard in regards to accuracy. Others traversed opposite paths. All forex trading systems are based on the idea that looking back on the chart helps when trying to look forward.