It just seems to lack any soul. But at minute 1: In a way it bridges the sounds of jazz fusion from one decade to another and therefore has a strong influence on what other musicians in the genre would do for the coming decade. There is the pleasant Camberwick Green song: Technically superb, soulless, and sterile – collectors and fans only.

al di meola splendido hotel

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al di meola splendido hotel

It just seems to lack any soul. In my opinion, there is no guitar player that plays similar to Al.

This is an excellent addition to any prog music collection. The song is performed with minimum number of instruments but it produces great harmony between these two instruments from start to finish. The Life by Philip Norman The song moves quite slowly and it gives a music very rich in textures and nuance. Pete Townshend Who I Am: ADM’s fourth album was a double album, but only containing a meagre 60 minutes of music, was supposed to be an ambitious departure of style compared to his first three solo efforts.

Splendido Hotel Al Di Meola. From that song name yuo expect not only some oriental melody, but warm southern emotions. Al di Meola splendido hotel double album. Even the up tempo numbers has a somewhat relaxing feel. But bigger part of the album is eclectic collection of Want fusion with REAL musical substance?


Everybody says that “Elegant Gypsy” is best Meola’s album. Madison Square Garden, June 8th This just comes nowhere near the mark for me. Splendido Hotel Music on CD If after trying hard you can find some formal oriental contest there, zero emotions are added.

AL DI MEOLA — Splendido Hotel (review)

There are even strings on some songs. Di Meola sings lead vocals on this. I think, it’s a first album in ADM solo career showing some decrease in his bright musical start. Al Di Meola’s early works are so splendieo that whenever you knew the style, you can identify any other song you had never heard before – especially the way he plays the guitar.

Meola is very unique and brings the music into upbeat tempo and frequent tempo changes accompanied by keyboard work. From meolx rather excessive fussed-with music-math to the equally ridiculous and over- long “Thank You” section in the liner notes he stops just barely short of thanking the trees for producing the paper that this was printed on and the rubber plants for the vynil et alit’s painfully clear that Al DiMeola wants you to pay attention to him and fall down and worship him wether he actually has something to say or not.

al di meola splendido hotel

Having said that there are moments which buck the trend. But despite what I hear on this he actually survives it without utterly embarrassing himself the way people like Stanley Clarke sometimes have when they first tried to sing.


Splendido Hotel – Al Di Meola | Songs, Reviews, Credits | AllMusic

We should admire Di Meola for branching out and trying out new things, but overall this album is not very successful. An appearance by Les Paul saves this from being a total waste.

Despite being both eclectic and sometimes symphonic, there is very little Prog on Splendido Hotel. Forum user Forum password. The eleven minute Isfahan contains a boy’s choir, an abundance of strings, some grand piano and acoustic guitar.

Other sites in the MAC network: The only humor comes on the fadeout when Al smashes an exaspirated power-chord as if to say, “Can you please shoot me now? Not only does ADM seem to touch a bit of everything, but due to the album’s “double” offering although it’s more like 1,5 but also diluting his “propos” way too much.

This album is much longer than the previous cds and a lot of important artists colabore with Al Di Meola in this album. But they are less intense and less memorable, as are the compositions moela Splendido Hotel generally.