Just for Love [cover] Amanda Vang song of the day: Statue Lil Eddie cover. Alex Thao – Us original. Scroll down to check out all of the pics below. All Of Me Cover.

alex thao txoj hmoo

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Wb mam ua ib hmoo dab neeg. You are the One. First Annual Hmong Music Awards. Just the Way You Are. Clarity – Mirrors – Cover. Marry your daughter – Alex Thao.

Come On Get Higher. Talk to Me cover. Diamonds – Rihanna cover by Alex Thao. All Of Me Cover. Khaws Rau Nruab Siab.

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Payphone Maroon 5 Cover. What Makes You Different Cover.

alex thao txoj hmoo

Don’t want to cut off familial ties of being your daughter. David Yang Ib Hnub hmong music. What Are Words Cover.

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Thaum twg koj hnov thaum tug koj nco, Thov ntsia lub ntuj, Kuv tseem yauv hlub koj tas mus li. In my culture the last thing your mother can do for you is help you put on your traditional clothes before thwo you off with your husband. It will no longer be like when you were still with your mother. Statue Lil Eddie cover.


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Without You Cover – David Guetta ft. Log in Sign up.

alex thao txoj hmoo

Lay in my bed cover. Ib Hnub David Yang.

This moment right now, I will remember forever. But in my heart I want to tell you, Hkoo still want to stay with you much longer. Es koj puas hnov? Scroll down to check out all of the pics below.

You’ll become their family, you’ll be with them as you age. For the day of my wedding, I will remember mother and the tears we wept. Hmo ntuj kaj hli, Txj qub ntsa iab, Thov koj ntsia saum lub hli, Tshua hmo wb tuaj sib ntsib, Lub hlis yog wb qhov chaw ntsib, Xav kom kaj hli, txhua hmo.

Officially Missing You Cover – Tamia. Scars to Your Beautiful.

Repeat Hesion – Txoj Hmoov (Green Cover) – See Yang by See Yang – You2Repeat

Thiab koj puas nco kuv nab? Not A Bad Thing. God Must Have Spent. Alex Thao – Marry your Daughter.


alex thao txoj hmoo