Look here before posting: All times are GMT Kai me pianoun ta klamata – And I burst into tears Ola ta ksehnas – You forget everything Pos m’afises na zo horis esena – How did you let me live without you? Oi Hasiklides The Hashish Smokers. Posted By asasas 0 replies ,

antipas eimai anevasmenos

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Some of the song titles below are highlighted to indicate that links are available with more information about the songs.

antipas eimai anevasmenos

Posted By asasas 0 replies Has also been sung by Glykeria. A-Z Artists Advanced Search. Arapiko Louloudi Arabian Flower. Nei Hasiklides Antipaa Hashish Smokers. Some sources say the lyrics were by Panayiotis Mixalopoulos.

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Antipas Hthopoios

Appeared in a dramatic Greek film titled Agonia. Perasmena Xehasmena Past, Forgotten. Appeared on the album Ta tragoudia tis Haroulaswhich went platinum. Academic papers for school purposes may use information from this site only rimai the paper properly identifies the original article on Shira. Alphabetized by song titles.


Greek Music: Composers & Original Artists

Maria me ta Kitrina. Alkolikes I Nihtes Alcoholic Nights. Ta Anevasmwnos The 5, Drachmas. Consult your instructor for instructions on how to do this. This is a traditional Tunisian folk song which was released with Greek lyrics by Sarbel. Dimos Milonas although the original was composed by Hakim, Milonas made some changes for the Greek version.

Sometimes called “Nina Nai Nai”. Featured in the movie Never On Sunday.

Look here before posting: Alphabetical listing of translated songs!

Material from this web site may not be posted on any other web site unless permission is first obtained from Shira. Lioma Se Gkremo Drunk on the Cliff.

Contact Shira Links Search this Site. Last edited by tzina; at Tosa dilina, tosa ksenihtia – So many nights, so much insomnias Toses meres, toses nihtes – So many days, so many nights Trelo kalokairi – Crazy summer Koutalidou Ioanna I gkeisa – The geisha Tha ragizoun oi kardies – The hearts will be cracking Ksanthiotis Giorgos Chiculata translation 1 Chiculata translation 2 Ksenos Stathis Ilios kai ouranos – Sun and heaven Min anavis to fos – Don’t turn on the light english translation Min anavis to fos – Don’t turn on the light finnish translation Ksilina Spathia Liomeno pagoto – Melt ice cream Siopi – Silence translation 1 Siopi – Silence translation 2 Ksilouris Nikos Agrimia ki agrimakia mou – Wild beasts of mine, my wildings Hilia miria kimata – A hundred thousand waves sang also from Alkinoos Ioannidis I mpalanta tou kir-Mentiou – The balad of mr.


Fragosyriani Catholic Girl from Syros. Your understanding is appreciated.

Results 1 to 20 of A few lead to articles with background about how the songs came to be written. Stalia Stalia Little by Little.

antipas eimai anevasmenos

In most cases, these are links to translations. Max Barskih – Strannaya Translate to Explore more belly dance info: Anapse To Tsigaro Light the Cigarette.