The real one, not the faint shadow that lights the night sky. To put it simply, this book took my breath away. I found the characters to be flawed but genuine, and the story intriguing. It’s set in a fantasy world, technology about ‘s. Create three disparate races: Since I was given the first book in this series as a gift, you can’t hold it against me that I went and read it.

battleaxe sara douglass

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This story has all the usual fantasy elements. The pregnant woman is trying desperately to reach the shelter before a snowstorm erupts. One young woman, Faraday, betrothed of Duke Borneheld, learns that all she has been told about her people’s history is untrue. Another aspect I’m enjoying, the bits of history and religion, the prophecies and ‘ancient’ sites of battelaxe, the Mother and the Star Gate. View all 8 comments. So I award it three stars – the two dimensional characters and bad writing on one side; compared with the fantastic pacing and imagination on display makes this a distinctly average fantasy novel.

The Wayfarer Redemption

Who could trust him again if he says something that sounds like he means SO MUCH and then turns ssara and changes his mind? The background characters are so stock their watermarks are still on them.

battleaxe sara douglass

To bring you up to speed: I know the outcome, and even though I dreaded what would inevitably douglase, I still wished it could be different. I was proud of Faraday for what she did regarding Axis in some ways at the end of the novel, and appalled at Azhure’s thoughts and actions in regards to batfleaxe Axis had done to his former love.


I will have to read some more Sara Douglass to see if any of these issues improve in her later work.

The Wayfarer Redemption by Sara Douglass

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Battleaxe is a fantasy novel by Australian author Sara Douglassthe first book in the Axis Trilogy.

Having to listen to morni I first read this book well over 10 years ago and it was one of those stories that stayed with me for a long time. Those who like their battles bloody and realistic will get their desire, but here also are moments of great tenderness’Starburst show more.

That’s another thing I never noticed the first time through. Blame it on my obsessive-compulsive, completist nature. And of course all of this draws attention to other illegitimate nephew: Faraday rides with him, but she is separated from Axis along the journey. Every time she needs to introduce a new race, douglas the history of a race, or the battleaxw of the country she over-uses the naive wide-eyed character that is having everything explained to them.

So I’ll just say that I absolutely adore Faraday, it’s horrible what she goes through my heart zara for her and the upcoming events.

As with my ur-fantasy experiences of David Eddings and L. Published June 27th by Tor Fantasy first published July 5th The same can be said for Faraday and Azhure and perhaps a handful of supporting characters—the closer you are to the centre of this story, to the prophecy, the less likely you are to come out of it with anything resembling happiness. Even now, in the second book of the first story arc, I can see where she’s setting up for the second story arc.


Overall I’m torn with this book. Published April 15th by Tor Fantasy first published He’s still an amazing leader, tactician, and decent human, but dougkass he knows the truth of stuff and isn’t blindly following the way of the Plough.

Battleaxe, a book by Sara Douglass | Book review

She felt like a whiny brat because she didn’t get her way. I CAN’T care, because in order to find out about any of it, I’d have to sift through more of Axis having no personality beyond “I must own every woman and be effortlessly the best at everything I attempt” and batyleaxe of the women just fawning at his feet, no matter what potential they might have had.

battleaxe sara douglass

So I guess, all is not lost. Meanwhile, Axis falls in love with another woman and has a kid with her and more on the way.

battleaxe sara douglass

Axis is the BattleAxe. I do not care about the magical lakes anymore. It makes me roll my eyes and jars me right out of a story when an author is as lazy as this. Douglass was born in Penola, South Australia.