The Void and Sleeping in the Traffic pt. SpiritCrusher2 June 25th Comments. I didn’t like this one nearly as much as The Void, but it’s ok. This has really good music writting and is a good starting point indeed. They never pretended to be something else, they just played retro-prog. The ability to write beautiful music and deliver it in an interesting and convincing way has always been very apparent with this band, so exploring a more mainstream style could lead to more commercial success. A great opportunity for singer Sjoblom to also display his vocal qualities in the lower registers.

beardfish comfort zone

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Jethro42 June 26th Comments. This album went under my radar, I’m glad that i picked it up a few days ago. In ccomfort, Beardfish toured with fellow progressive rock band The Tangent.

Beardfish (band)

Part 3 is an amazing emotional rock song and a fine ending to the album. A basic sound – two guitars, bass, drums and domfort moog or an organ joining here and there. Antonius October 27th Comments.

beardfish comfort zone

I really like this. This is for me their second best!


Beardfish “+4626-COMFORTZONE”

This is nicely taken care of here. Tweet Recent reviews by this author. Hydra12 June 29th 5 Comments. Login Create a Profile. Check out the prominent bass as well.

Too much fun here. The One Inside – Part 1: You cmofort be a forum member to post a review, please register here if you are not. I like how this sets the album up with the spoken words, and the strings are a nice touch.

Beardfish – +Comfortzone (album review ) | Sputnikmusic

The album revolves around the central theme of feeling like a prisoner in your hometown, being forced into mediocrity by the people around you and not being able to break free from this. Also, ”Hold On” reminds me of PoS in terms of vocals Luckily the hideous cover art does not reflect the music on the album which is daunting and exceptional as always. This has really good music writting and is a good starting point indeed. Part One Sleeping in Traffic: All crystally clear and audible in the mix, The One Inside – Part 2: It settles with picked guitar and vocals only before 3 minutes then the organ and drums join in.


beardfish comfort zone

I think what they are trying to say is that I should move on to music that takes me out of my comfort zone haha. The One Inside Part 3: The animated cover art makes one suspect a return to their former sound and listening to the album this indeed is largely the case.

They never pretended to be something else, they just played retro-prog. Antonius November 1st Comments. Being a fan of prog prock, this album was an absolute stunner for me. And they did it with style. This is a catchy track with some uplifting sections. Part zome is a beautifully restraint, mainly acoustic pop-rock song, something quite out of the ordinary for Beardfish.

They lack any memorable melodies or hooks.

beardfish comfort zone

Dry The River Shallow Bed. Besides displaying a more structured approach to the album format, the band also deliver some of the finest songs of their career.