The application server security module has a run-time dependency on the SDK. Special Considerations for Agent Configuration Parameters The following table identifies some agent configuration parameters that are known to cause problems in a SAS deployment:. Configure the Policy Server. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Single Sign-on provides a configuration utility. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Glossary Tree level 1.

ca siteminder sdk

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Support for CA Single Sign-on (formerly known as CA SiteMinder)

I don’t really see an issue with that so long as you can clean up resources. Soumen Soumen 1 1 gold badge 8 8 silver badges 19 19 bronze badges. Add lines that are similar to the following in the Aliases section. Enterprise Integration Tree level 2. Host configuration and host name. Middle-Tier Security Tree level 2.

For a list of resources, see Resources to Protect. Node 9 of Add lines that are similar to the following at the beginning of the LoadModule directives:. After a successful logon attempt, the log contains messages like the following example:.


Web Authentication Tree level 3. Node 8 of 8. If the server is configured correctly to use the value, the log contains messages like the sieminder example:. Include the following lines:. Downloading the packages requires a CA support account and license.

Node 4 of 8.

Post as a guest Name. Since AgentAPI is majorly connecting to policy server, there’s no point where it will have issues with resource like system ports but still the issue happens.

Make sure this identifies an installation of Java. If stieminder plan to use CA Siheminder Sign-on authentication for the SAS applications that are listed in the following table, you also must create a realm and filter to protect the corresponding resources:. Support for Integrated Windows Authentication Tree level 3.

SAS provides the custom security module.

ca siteminder sdk

If it’s being loaded by the web agent then it’s being loaded via JNI and the init methods appear to be called only when loaded by JNI not when you might expect. Configure the Java Cryptography Extension.


ca siteminder sdk

Also, how are you using this? Node 1 of You can remove the parameter or modify it to allow all the characters that are used in the DAV requests.

Configure API Gateway as the SiteMinder agent

Node 10 of Create a realm under the domain. Node 2 of 8. Are you using the pure java agent api or the JNI based sitemindet api? Node 3 of 5. To configure the extension on systems other than AIX, follow these steps:.

ca siteminder sdk

Change the paths to match the location of the Web Agent software on your machine. If so, it’s probably using JNI to load your code.