Whereas storing the settings locally allows you to restore the selected settings after a parameters reset on the server, for example, in case of engine re-installation or after its global update. This option is used to allow or deny certain user groups to attach video in comments. However, it has a lot You can reassign all the tags together and separately. Also, now users who do not have an E-mail address can log-in using vk. It allows to visually highlight comments on website pages which are written by the article author. You can specify a different design of the comments display and the comments adding for articles of different categories.

datalife engine v.10.0

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Datalife Engine 10.0 Final English

Header will be limited after the end of the logical word of the title, and will not be limited in the middle. If you do not use this system, you can disable it in the engine settings to increase the performance of the engine and reduce the server load. Transliteration will follow the correct rules, which improves the readability of the Russian text expressed in Latin symbols.

Now all users who have access to the Control Panel are always forbidden to recover password from the website, but they always can make it directly from the login page of Control Panel.

In the case dstalife finding a given keyword on your page, it will be replaced by a hypertext link. It significantly simplifies the search and editing of a needed word with a large amount of specified words. It allows to display publications of all the articles, except for the specified one, where X is the username of the author.


The engine can be integrated into virtually any existing design and has no restrictions on the templates customizations itself.

Displaying is now sorted in the “last in first out” order, not according to the general settings of the engine. Similar to identifiable html markup, a CMS will sometimes insert unique Javascript code into web pages.

General Information > List of changes

Dear friends, Welcome to the new version of our script DataLife Engine v. It allows you to highlight or hide the design and text of comments with negative and positive rating. Now in this module you can create categories and post your advertising materials in them. Thus, using this module, you can, for example, create and display titles and descriptions for the tag cloud for each separate tag.

This limit now corresponds to the limit set by the Google search engine to display this information in search datallife.

Template DLE 10.0 . English Yafiles

Englne example, if “Terminator” and “Terminator Genesis” words were created with different references, then correct replacement of each keyword will be performed, independently of each other and regardless of when it was added to the script.

A user deals with a simplified comment edit form when uploading images to comments.

datalife engine v.10.0

You just need to copy emoticon files with. This feature will be useful for websites that use different external proxy servers, and do not have the ability to properly reconfigure the server for them to get the correct real IP addresses of visitors.

datalife engine v.10.0

It shows the article title where the new comment has been left. If you make a snapshot of files, then it is made for all the important files on the server, regardless of their location and whether they are in DLE folders or not. For example, you can enable or disable the displaying of some descriptive tabs on a page, or arrange a gallery of screenshots or posters, etc.


This feature is useful when you want to display the required articles in a strictly defined order. Keyword search is carried out only in the words of a whole, not just for all occurrences of the text. However, you yet can create this field as an additional profile field and use it.

It allows users to subscribe to comments without leaving a comment. You can reassign all the tags together and separately. For this, you need to click the number of articles and choose Count Articles. Only website Administrators and editors can view such articles now. Images in this format can be directly uploaded using the DataLife Engine. The example datslife the display may be seen on the screenshot above.

Datalife Engine Changes List, What’s new in DLE

If a short description in the RSS stream is datlife text, and the image is given in it as a separate tag, then the image will be added to the very beginning of the short article during the import. In the tag parameters you can specify which groups are allowed to view the contents.

User is able to manage his uploaded images. The following format is used in audio tag for this: IP, Login or E-Mail” module you can select several rules or all of them simultaneously, and unblock these rules in one click.