I also remember I generally had no penchant towards any of the teams. Posted by leoNYdas at 1: Thanks Thanks a lot all of you Well I didn’t watch all the series you mentioned, but I was, and still am, a big fan of all the programmes produced by Transtel that used to be aired on DD2. And this is the imdb page for the series although the picture is not the right one I think

der fahnder intro

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As he tries to guess the password, he types in “bastard” and it works. We’ll the credits were actually in some foreign language. Arky r December 16, at 2: Nishanth April 4, at 6: I didn’t know there could be someone else too who might love The Investigator or Derrick, in India that is, especially considering the late night timing of the series.

Playing With Sid: Do you know this old TV Series about a hacker ?

Bastard TV, Zusammenfassung. Der Fahnder or The Investigator as its called in its English version was another favorite of mine. I came across your post, I’m glad to trace the series and title track band Domain Today I tried searching for Did programs in 80s and 90s German series in 90, Transtel I remember that track.


der fahnder intro

Derrick and Der Fahnder both were sixty minute episodes with a murder, investigation and a conclusion. Anonymous November 26, at 9: Finally I found the name of this series I been looking for so long, I watched this one as a kid too.

I have been searching for this for quite some time now The Samsung Kies connects after a while or only intermittently.

der fahnder intro

Last week Mozilla Let’s Encrypt project announced the launch of its free, automated and open certificate authority. Dear leoNYdas i m really thankfull to God. Those documentaries could give NatGeo a run for their money It seems so amazing to my young mind.

Peter Strohm

My uncle said banks in developed countries were all connected with phones and satellites. Nope, Here is TV show I was talking about. Anon loves to cook May 21, at 3: It was very nice reading your blog.

Adding to the post of November 26, inro I couldn’t find much information about this TV show on Internet except for this blog post.

This thread is awesome! ReminiscenceReviewsRuminations. When i was young I watch edr show and dreams to become a Hacker one day.


The title music was one of the best I have heard for any TV series so far. Yes I do remember that series and the catchy title music. Rohit Mohan July 28, at 1: Let me share one defining moment of my childhood.

Have a beer on me! Stephan Derrick played by Horst Tappert had a commanding screen presence and I still remember how calm and composed he was through out the entire series, intrl he would cross-examine and probe inconsistencies and finally how he would break the accused down, that in most cases they usually end up confessing to the crime.

Well I didn’t watch all the series you mentioned, but I was, and still am, a big fan of all the programmes produced by Transtel that used to be aired on DD2.