Rotate the motor damper wheel manually so that carriage moves from the door to the end plate. If K spare part is not available at once you can still use the unit by setting autoscan to 0 in service mode. Clicking the bridge button in Open Dental will put a string similar to this on the clipboard: Error can mean that the spring which closes the door is too weak. If this is not the case check the led light source: Bigger value moves image left in application window, smaller value right.

digora optime software

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Use 3mm hex key. UI panel The meaning of user interface leds and buttons are explained in the user manual.

Digital Imaging

Optional Import an image to show on the button 22 x 22 pixels. Switch scanner unit off and on to see that there are no errors during start up. Windows Mac Figora Forum. There should be no gap between chassis and light cover.

digora optime software

Turn the unit sftware and start S2terminal Otherwise it displays an error message s. But check first that cable connected correctly to K and control panel K does not recognize image plate K operation is checked during boot. Check that there is no mechanical reason which prevents linear movement for example image plate or protective covers.


DIGORA Optime DXR-60 Field Service Manual

These advantages reduce the number of tasks you have to do, thus making everyday work more efficient and zoftware. They are instructed in the scanner firmware help which is accessible through service terminal.

digora optime software

Tension check and oltime Plate carrier tension check: Remember to quit the opptime mode before trying to use the unit normally.

The unit must not be placed on top of or under divora equipment. If this is not the case check the led light source: Activity LED blinks when the unit sends or receives data over the Ethernet network.

For that move the plate carrier backwards and move the door by hand. Tension check and adjustment. Release the locking by pressing the tab 1 at the back side of the plate carrier and simultaneously turning adjustment screw slightly clockwise 2 and then releasing the black belt mechanism 3. They will give you all the details rigora need.

Detach power and Ethernet connectors. Note the difference of actual command prompt and the s2terminal program running in it: All exposures are automatically detected by the iOX2 system and are immediately displayed on screen as well as automatically saved to the hard drive, which means that you do not have to touch the computer keyboard or mouse between exposures to erase or reset the sensor.


Following codes are displayed. It is easier to see at half-light. Attach the back cover The EXCEL is a classic analogue panoramic x-ray unit with a number of imaging programs that allow a wide range of diagnostic tasks to be carried out.

digora optime software

Scanner IP address configuration is started 5. Verify the Path of file to open.

Digora for Windows Download (Free trial) –

Install the new K The plate may get stuck on the plate carrier under the ejector. Email me if my answer is selected or commented on.

The factory calibration fails if the screws are turned! Digora must be running when the bridge button is clicked in Open Dental.