The intrauterine repair of this defect has been studied to reduce the progressive spinal cord damage during gestation. The studies selected for review were human studies using endoscopic and open techniques, conducted after the study MOMS, including the latter. VPS is performed by implanting a permanent valve system, which can lead to secondary complications that could potentially affect neurological and psychomotor development, such as infection, malfunction and obstruction. Em , Bruner et al. The classical neurosurgical technique is used to repair the defect three layers suture repair:

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Recentemente, Saadai et al. The classical neurosurgical technique is used to repair the defect three layers suture repair: Os resultados iniciais obtidos no estudo brasileiro parecem promissores. Until recently, posnatal treatment of MMC was the only alternative available, without encouraging results.

Fetoscopy for meningomyelocele repair: past, present and future

Our goal was to review the literature on antenatal repair of MMC, with emphasis on the study of minimally invasive techniques, using fetoscopy, to establish its current dobrzndo of use and future prospects. In contrast, higher prematurity rates were observed in the fetal surgery group. Illustration of the endoscopic technique for myelomeningocele repair, developed by Pedreira et al.


National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Open in a separate window. The recommended daily drnise is micrograms in oral tablets, starting at least 3 months prior to conception. InBruner et al.

A pesquisa foi realizada em junho de Prenatal repair of myelomeningocelewith aligned nanofibrous scaffolds-apilot study in sheep. Concentric diagram of the 78 articles primarily selected. Percutaneous fetoscopic patchcoverage of experimental lumbosacralfull-thickness skin lesions in sheep. Coverage with the interface sutured to the skin Only skin suture Coverage with the interface sutured to the skin. The results were obtained using the following combinations: In Brazil, Pedreira et al.

This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License, which permits dneise non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. According to the authors of this study, it is important to note that not all patients benefited from fetal surgery, and only the longer-term follow-up of these children can establish whether the positive results are long lasting.

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There were no perinatal deaths and, in two of the successful cases, the skin was completely closed and no additional correction was required after delivery. Historically, endoscopy was the first approach to be used for prenatal denide of this defect. Articles cited by the selected articles but published before were added when deemed highly relevant from the historical perspective.


Studies in animal and human models show that the endoscopic approach is feasible and leads to dohrando maternal morbidity rates.

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The study inclusion criteria were lesions between T1 and S1; evidence of hindbrain herniation; gestational age between 19 and This experience, although initial, can lead to a paradigm shift in intrauterine correction of this defect in the coming years. The studies found were divided into four basic categories: In Brazil, this technique has been applied since N Engl J Med.

Inert patch with bioadhesive for gentlefetal surgery of myelomeningocele in a sheep mode.

dobrando denise

Fetoscopic coverage of experimental myelomeningocele in sheep using a patch with surgical sealant. EmFarmer et al. Inert patch with bioadhesive for gentle fetal surgery of myelomeningocele in a sheep model.

Inthe results of the randomized prospective study MOMS were published. Somente emKohl et al. Twenty-seven articles were selected, 16 experimental studies and 11 studies in humans.

dobrando denise