Item builds needs tweaking too. Magnus Mag Skewer no longer affects magic immune units. Map Submission Rules These will help make a better description: Map Require Pack for. As always posts your comments and suggestions, thank you very much for your support.

dota v6.77.w3x map

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Get the latest map on www. Splinter Blast cooldown decreased from 8 to 7. Doom now has too much armor!

DotA v – Warcraft 3 Maps – Epic

Please review the rules here. My theory is that this might.

Gamestro is the game resource everyone can help build. Glory of the Horde V Choose a character from your.

Here we are again with this fine AI map release, thanks to the countless hours of developing time contributed by the AITeam members. Jan 9, Messages: Blending well and adjusting to the script, Ciel will make us all happy. BVO New World 2.


Download the latest version of DotA 6. Living Armor damage instances increased from 6 to 7.

dota v6.78 ai.w3x map free

The poll for Hive’s 12th Concept Art Contest is up! Now run Install Mod v5 High Res.

dota v6.77.w3x map

He did not also bring them to us Also, the major bug that caused AI’s to gather stuck at one point is also fixed. Fixed some Sunray lag issues. Friday, December 28, Happy Holidays!

Sun Ray max range decreased from to v67.7.w3x Reverse Polarity duration decreased from 2. Units have been turned into heroes in our latest Icon Contest!

Travel to distant realms and encounter scenes unknown to the common folk.

dota v6.77.w3x map

See full changelog here: Hero Defense – Tileset: Sign up for our Dotx Email Address. Please complete the survey “Did you like DoTA 6. Aside of the other port and improvement, Oracle and Kaolin also already got their AI. Here you can download free dota 6. Have you won a contest and still havn’t received your rank award?


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Puck Puck Illusory Orb cooldown decreased from 13 to Posted by PBMN at 9: Check out the Staff job openings fota. List of Top 50 Free. Posted by PBMN at 1: