He made the modifications to our tour Nintendos, and joined the band at the very beginning drawn by the idea of taking electronics apart and making them do what you want them to. Support Select this reward. Reward no longer available 78 backers. Endless Fantasy by Anamanaguchi. I loved the game. We want to make a vocal collab album of a few songs from Endless Fantasy , and we wanna to give it to you for helping make it. Reward no longer available 1 backer.

endless fantasy anamanaguchi

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Endless Fantasy | Alcopop! Records

We want to make media to surround the album to give it the context we think it needs to make the strongest impact possible. Streaming and Download help. The next few years saw us going in different directions of what we wanted our next album to sound like.

Ramona Donohue go to album. Reward no longer available 78 backers. If you like Endless Fantasy, you may also like: Ships to Anywhere in the world. Interlude Gymnopedie No 1 We know how important it is for music to be out there – some of us were lucky to grow up in towns with amazing weird record stores and their very existence shaped who we are today. Records was only too delighted to get involved.


We’re gonna go to the warehouse in North Carolina, find the vinyl, and sign it for you guys while we watch episodes of Seinfeld and try to keep each other entertained by making the signatures weirder and weirder as we go.

Estimated delivery Jan Yazz Ahmed guests and we feature “The Music of” tribute to French musical legends.

You have to fly us back tho. Questions about this project? Biohazard sign, alien head, kitty cat, and smiley face. Mackenzie McClane Nobody told me about this album.

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endless fantasy anamanaguchi

In the same way that we want to make music videos, fsntasy also want to experiment with the next level. He made the modifications to our tour Nintendos, and joined the band at the very beginning drawn by the idea of taking electronics apart and making them do what you want them to.

You can get the album as a reward for donating to this Kickstarter! Pete’s capriciousness then sent him thinking back to the roots of the project, wanting to create an ode to the basement the band began in where he’d cover Weezer songs and played NES with his brother. For two years Pete lived in the same bedroom as the producer Gabe Liberti two beds!


We just finished a track record over 3 years without help from a label. Although we’ve been a band for nearly anamanaguxhi years now, he’s never had the opportunity to create anything just for ourselves. We’d probably even release a DVD for all of ’em, though by the time we do this it’ll probably be cooler to just give out downloads and stuff: Words cannot express how much this album resonates with me, nor the way it represents me as a person.


Last updated January 29, Plus a die-cut sticker. Help us make Endless Fantasy more than just an album! Interlude Total Tea Time Tags 8 bit alcopop alternative anamanaguchi chip endless fantasy indie jimmy fallon pop scott pilgrim us United Kingdom.

endless fantasy anamanaguchi

It’s hard for a weird band to get in a normal record store, and that’s exactly what we want to accomplish! Estimated delivery Jul Die-cut sticker design by Andrew Strasser!

He’ll be using principles of Pepper’s Ghost the effect used to make endlsss 2Pac hologram to project onto edgelit acrylic cubes reminiscent of our album cover.