A change of sign was sometimes introduced in unsigned character switches. In case no internet access is available, the examples can also be unpacked from the DVD installation media. Some library systems, like the heap and the file structure, will be guarded by locks. A bit mask operation with all except the highest bit together with a test on the highest bit of the same variable could generate incorrect code in Thumb mode. Debug information is improved, with better variable information and backtrace.

ewarm 6.40

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The whole tool chain is VFP aware; the compiler, assembler, and debugger. The default linker control file produced by the command file configuration tool rwarm a link error. The option dialog box allowed settings that are incompatible with the chosen chip. JTAGjet-Trace integration Signum JTAGjet-Trace, an advanced debug probe for high-end applications, is now integrated with its trace module in the debugger, making edarm possible to take full advantage of the trace capabilities on Cortex-A and Cortex-R devices when debugging complex systems.

Editor background color You can now select a background color for the text editor.

This allows the optimizer to operate 6.400 a larger set of code and can result in smaller code. Loops where the final statement in the loop body is a switch will no longer trigger an internal error on High optimization. Go to definition failed to find functions defined in.

ewarm 6.40

A future adapter will be available in Q2 to measure power at the MCU level. The generated code was correct but the size could differ.


ewarm 6.40

This would occur when ewwarm LSL instruction is replaced by a shifted operand within a BIC instruction, and the operands of the BIC instruction are swapped even though it is not a commutative operation. A class with a member that is a nameless struct, or an array of nameless structs, where at least one of the members is not a PoD, could cause an internal error while compiling.

ewarm 6.40

Complex expressions involving left-shifts and subtractions will always be optimized correctly. The derivative support files iolpc C-SPY no longer generates an error when the debugged application contains a C symbol with the name c or d.

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This mask was calculated for an unsigned int even when the actual type used was signed int. A Common subexpression elimination CSE was erroneously lifted due to faulty bitfield handling. Setting the editor font to “Terminal” resulted in “Courier” instead. Removed ETM clock settings from some Ewark examples. For more information see the Development guide.

ewwrm When replacing text by clicking Replace All in the Replace in Files dialog box, truncation did not work correctly. For example, after this definition: Template projects for rebuilding libraries are available also in Japanese.

J-Link Trace CM and IAR EWARM 6.40 – no Terminal I/O via SWO

In some cases IarBuild. The workaround was to restart the Embedded Workbench and add the new project file. Multiple flash loaders Multiple flash loaders can be configured to support systems with more than one flash memory.


The device family STM32F is now listed on iar. A bit mask operation with all except the highest bit together with a test on the highest bit of the same variable could generate incorrect code in Thumb mode. If there is an ADR reference, the constant data is placed in the.

Irregular loops could in some rare cases be optimized incorrectly.

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Definitions of NMI interrupts have been added to ioam It is now possible to launch the interactive debugger with a given debug file, and pass command line parameters. The plugin provides embOS awareness during debugging sessions and enables you to inspect the state of several embOS 640 such as the task list, resource semaphores, mailboxes, or timers. The context menu command Go to definition could fail if the function was defined in a header file.

As an example, this could happen when casting a character pointer to an int pointer. Out-of-line definitions of member functions of a template class were not made properly tentative, resulting in erroneous ‘duplicate definition’ errors when linking. Improved context sensitive help In addition to standard context help functions, it is now possible to click on keywords and library functions in the editor and quickly get to the help page.