It has a built-in download manager boosts your download speed by up to 12 times and maintain a download history for you. Navigate the Internet with versatile browser with form filler, popup blocker, and download manager. Surf the Web with browser with automatic form filler, popup blocker, and fast download manager. I had introduced Slimjet browser a while ago and wrote a German blog post Angetestet: SlimBrowser was my favorite browser for quite a few years, but lately I’ve been switching over to Pale Moon and Waterfox, also sometimes Lunascape. Retrieved from ” https: Pros I Like it.

flashpeak browser

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Born’s Tech and Windows World. Its intelligent form filler saves and completes web form for you automatically and the popup blocker suppresses all annoying popup ads while you browse internet.

Opera itself has gone to the Blink engine, and in my estimation regretfully is not proceeding at a viable development pace. The Slimjet browser is a clone of the Google Chrome browser, which has been enriched with helpful additional functions like popup blocker etc.


Summary Fed up sick and disgusted with it – too much dysfunctioning!!!! Enter the e-mail address of the recipient Add your own personal message: SlimBrowser included a full-featured form filler with the support of multiple identities in V6.

Retrieved 24 August You can set up SlimBrowser to be your default browser during the installation process if you want to, but it’s not required. The Web form spell checker proofs beowser online postings against spelling mistakes and Ad blocker eliminate ad banners or other obtrusive components within web pages.


The ‘Currently installed programs’ list in the ‘Add or Remove Programs’ tool lists all of the Windows-compatible programs that have an uninstall program or feature. If you want a slick web browser that runs fast and smoothly with no crashes or freeze-ups, you will definitely like slimbrowser.

I downloaded the Slimjet browser from the official vendor site and after the installation I found not Slimjet as a process in the task manager, but Mozilla. If you want to re-authorize a blocked application, then you’ll find re-authorization flasbpeak in this knowledgebase article.

All other browser forks are not up to date with security and get security patches at some later point which is utterly not acceptable. Microsoft United States v. On March 21, I received another comment from a blog reader using the alias Miss Finland.

browsed Surf the Web with browser with automatic form filler, popup blocker, and fast download manager. Sign up to receive news and tips of SlimBrowser:.

flashpeak browser

Cons It’s a goggle product so it tracks where I go. The quickfill form filler is my favorite feature. Flsshpeak year ago I ran into serious issues with this browser. I’m not saying it’s because of SlimBrowser- I’ve been using free anti-virus programs lately- but this doesn’t seem to happen as often on Pale Moon. It didn’t take long for this browser to freeze up. Leave this field empty.


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I’ve even wondered, did some government agency design this thing and give it away free to mine data? Summary All-in-all,its quite good You can type pre-defined short alias instead of long URL to browse frequently visited internet sites. Site group feature great for research purpose. However, he was fflashpeak by the firewall.

By continuing to use the site you are agreeing to flashpea, use of cookies. SlimBrowser features built-in download manager tools, intelligent form filling tools, a pop up blocker so that you’re interfered with while surfing, a web form spell checker, ad blocker tools that get rid of annoying flashpak, many different skins so that you can customize it an auto login that enables you to navigate to your favorite sites with your login taken care of.

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Viruses and Flsahpeak Publisher Name: If you’ve received an alert about a blocked application, you can choose to: Flaming or offending other users.

I don’t know; I don’t wear a tin foil hat, but I’m moving away from SlimBrowser.

flashpeak browser

On some pages it will render as a mobile browser?