Log through however many log files there are. Where is it getting those servers from? The last portion of this output is the VersionVector information. I’ll explain why a little later. However, I am getting residual errors in the FRS log saying:. I agree to this site’s Privacy Policy. This is how VersionVectors work.

frsdiag windows 2008 r2

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If you go to a command prompt after this completes and type C: Office Watch Sign up for our newsletter. The next portion of data is registry information pertaining to the replica set.

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If we delete the file and create one with the same name, then it will have a new FileGuid. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Windows Server has a new way to migrate Group Policies. For some windoww you, this may take some time, so in the meantime, hopefully you will find this information helpful.

If you scroll up to the beginning of the Replica set information, you will see its summary prior to the listing of the associated connection objects. Are there any documentation avalible for different values of “Config Flags” from connstat.

Understanding the Migration Process Before you attempt the migration, there is some mandatory reading. Log through however many log files there are. The downloaded file is a Microsoft Software Installer. You can select all the members of the replica set by choosing the Browse option when selecting a target server.


These are questions to be answered in future articles. Any change made to the FRS data is updated on all the partners that share this replication. This site requires the frsxiag of scripts, which your browser does not currently allow.

How to get the most from your FRSDiag…

Lastly, I will not be discussing errors in the FRS event logs, as these are well documented. All three reports group information on the Replica Set of which the target server is a member the target server being the server that FRSDiag was pointing to when the report was ran. Wait as long as it should take for your replication convergence to occur only you can know this for your environment 7.

frsdiag windows 2008 r2

Looking at the Connstat of Remote01, we look synchronized with DC04 and we are waiting 20008 DC04 to update two changes. Do not be alarmed if it shows unjoined, this is normal. The repadmin reports pertain to Active Directory replication.

active directory – FRSDIAG / NTFRSUTL looking for servers which don’t exist – Server Fault

The last portion of this winddows is the VersionVector information. What monitoring tools are currently available that can give you the entire picture of Sysvol’s health in your domain? The second is VersionVector — this information tells replication partners that their data is current or what needs to be replicated with others.

Improving the question-asking experience.

frsdiag windows 2008 r2

Next you’ll need to raise the domain functional level to Server if it’s not already there. This is the most informative of the reports and where I go to first to get a good understanding of the situation. Any network admin who has had the pleasure of troubleshooting morphed files and folders or journal wraps can attest to the fact that FRS’s replication of Sysvol leaves a lot to be desired.


To do this, you send out invitations to a group of friends and tell them to invite whoever they want. Migration Before we get into the actual migration process, I’d like to give you a 10,foot view of what’s supposed to happen at each step along the way.

Troubleshooting FRS Using FRSDiag

You will get a warning message indicating that it could take an extremely long time to process. By running the file, you install frzdiag tool and documentation on your computer.

Even though we are discussing this under the context of topology, it also contains a wealth of information on the up-to-dateness of the downstream members and will make a good transition to our next topic, VersionVector information.

You are throwing a huge party and want as many people to come as possible. The entries under Replica Version Vector indicate the latest change order originating on that member server and Outlog Version Vector indicates the last entry purged from the Outbound Table.

There should be no changes that occur in Sysvol until the migration is complete.