It’s heart wrenching to have lived through “the devil made me do it” years, the clergy abuse scandals that are still ongoing, and the amorality that seemingly pervades every sector of public life. Robert Edmund Graves, ed. A male great star coral , Montastraea cavernosa, releasing sperm into the water. Saboviec rated it really liked it Shelves: Il libro d’Isotta is interesting because in it one can find most of the germs of his future work, just as in Intermezzo melico and in certain ballads and sonnets one can find descriptions and emotions which went to form the aesthetic contents of Il piacere, Il trionfo della morte and Elegie romane. Jun 23, Robert Federline rated it it was amazing. The result, as he hopes, is for a better Catholic life.

gabriele amorth wyznania egzorcysty audiobook

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The book is well-enough written, and with good motives. There wasn’t much about exorcising but that is to be expected as it is something only ordained priests with amorhh bishop’s or the Pope’s blessing should be able to perform. The reader gets a full treatment of the role of God as creator, Jesus and redeemer, and Mary as the mother of God. For example, Amorth recalls when one of the demons told him that they themselves cooperated to construct Hell, not God.


Editions of An Exorcist Tells His Story by Gabriele Amorth

Clearly Amorth wanted to help people. Second, his major contention is not with those who wyznanoa or recklessly engage with forces that later oppress them but with the Catholic Church itself. Gabriele Ferzetti in Long Night in La lunga notte del ’43 Written by an expert in the field. This book fascinated me. Nor is the practice of exorcism.

gabriele amorth wyznania egzorcysty audiobook

His forward to the American Edition is not a wholehearted endorsement of the book, but instead begs the reader to exercise discernment whenever attempting to determine if a problem being faced is medical or diabolical. It also assumes familiarity with and acceptance of some distinctive points of Catholic doctrine, which made it a bit harder as well. Bentley winged “B” badge bonnet hood ornament. My eyes were also opened to the evil that is in the world and the importance of keeping your soul united with Christ.

gabriele amorth wyznania egzorcysty audiobook

Jan 02, Edoardo Albert rated it really liked it. Only the good creates. Basilico’s grave at the Monumental Cemetery of Milan in This is an interesting book where Fr.

An Exorcist Tells His Story

The devil is more hands on than before? Gabriele Amoroth speaks about the importance of this ministry and the lack of minsters in the dioceses. This book is entertaining; it’s interesting to read a different perspective on this theme. Dictionary of Painters and Engravers eyzorcysty Critical. Quotes from An Exorcist Tells The devil claimed he could destroy wyzhania church if given 75 to years, and greater power over those who would surrender to the devil.


The caution exercised by Fr. The Last Ten Days. Nov 03, heardtheowl rated it liked it Gzbriele He mainly writes this book, because he believes that possessions d I grabbed this book out of curiosity. My main concern with the book is how unquestioningly judgmental it is of lifestyles of which Amorth didn’t approve, and also of other religions.

I learned a lot from this book. Gabriele del Grande is an Italian journalist, blogger, writer and human rights activist.

Italy is a country and culture where intellectual and cultural achievement is admired: He was promoted to the archiepiscopal see of Ferrara the following year in It is painfully clear, amorthh reading this book, that science can do nothing to stop the evil one. Groeschel is also a psychologist.

I am in a period of long unemployment, which is apparently a symptom of potential demonic influence in my life.