Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar You are here: If you use hostname instead of IP address, your VMware server must be able to resolve the name. Because openssl don’t allow to set the password on the command line like putty , you need to use authentication key to allow unattended connection as required by MKSBackup. I only have a single ESXi host. Hello, I have install ghettoVCB in esxi 6.

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Scheduling script ghettoVCB Re: NFS Version must be nfs for nfs v3 or nfsv41 for version 4. To override any existing configurations within the ghettoVCB.

Store key in cache? This can be very useful in troubleshooting backups. Can it do Incremental or Differential backup for VM? You can also take a look at ghettoVCB-restore which is experimentally supported.

Hello, I have install ghettoVCB in esxi 6. Here are the lines you have to add to your mksbackup. I have in datastore a folder with scripts and configs. FTP is a lot faster! On Saturday, after the normal backup, files will be uploaded to a remote FTP server I have found this script to be very useful and would like to contribute back, what can I do?


This can be a disk, or a 2G extend when using 2gbsparse backup format. Backup VMs stored in a list. Name must be separeted by spaces.

MKSBackup free ghettoVCB front-end to backup VMware ESX(i) from Windows and Linux host

Review the output of ghettoVCB for any errors. However, can someone provide me with some steps about how to run ghettovcb script for taking backup of VMs on vsphere 6. Snapshots found for this VM, please commit all snapshots before continuing! Your email address will not be published.

Where can I download the latest version of the script? In Esxi 6 free, I start my script with crontab.

Backup VMware ESX(i) using ghettoVCB

Defining the order of VM s that should be started up first after backups have completed, especially if there is a dependency between multiple VM s. I would highly appreciate as I am not good with scripts myself.

Virtual machine having spaces what is a very very bad idea must be enclosed into double quote “. Ghettovcb.zh you want to backup your configs, you can use the auto-backup. Sometime Magi K mon provides a custom version of the script to fix some issues, see more on the download page. It seems to run fine on ESXi 6. ESX user can download ftpput from the download page. Learn how your comment data is processed.


ghettoVCB VIB & offline bundle for ESXi

If your host is a Windows system, setup the disk letter as the first of the directory part. Careful attention must be noted if more than one backup is performed per day.

Alternatively you could save this backup ghuetto on another server via NFS and also configure sending e-mailwhich is not included in this guide as I want to leave these functions to Bacula.

Here is a sample of what the file would look like: You should log to either a local or remote datastore to ensure that logs are kept upon a reboot. The key can be by a password specified in password.