I believe it’s a RHEL system, judging from the lack of apt-get and presence of yum. These symbols are now deprecated, and have been replaced by those described here. If you have corrections to this entry or questions about it, please contact: My build environment looks like this: Open the module with the file name filename and return a handle for it. The advise parameter needs to be initialised by this function before it can be used. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information.

gnu libltdl

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My hunch is that your libltdo copy of libtool is misconfigured. What might cause this behavior? Return the address in the module handlewhere the symbol given by the null-terminated string name is loaded.

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So I found that libltdl. The copyright and license notices on this page only apply to the text on this page.

Cheers, I’ll mark this as closed. Note that libltdl is not well tested in a multithreaded environment, though the intention is that it should work see Using libltdl in a multi threaded environment.


GNU Libtool – GNU Project – Free Software Foundation

It was designed to extend Automakebut can be used independently within hand-coded makefiles, as well. Set the symglobal hint on advise. Skip to main text Set language. The program has a consistent, portable interface to make using shared libraries simpler. To use libtool, add the new generic library building commands to your Makefile, Makefile. You can read also read release announcements by subscribing to the atom feed at http: The FSF is a charity with a worldwide mission to advance software freedom — learn about our history and work.

If it is not used, the default mode of the underlying system module loader is used. Recycle the memory used by advise. Libtool supports building static libraries on all platforms. I’ve been trying to get pianobar installed for the past few days, and it works, but I get the output “Cannot Open Audio Device”. Unresolved symbols in the module are resolved using its dependency libraries and previously dlopened modules. Return 0 on success.

gnu libltdl

What am I doing wrong? Chris Jester-Young Chris Jester-Young k 39 39 gold badges silver badges bronze badges.

The advise parameter is opaque and can only be accessed with the functions documented below. Set the resident hint on advise. File in wrong format collect2: Gmu from the FSF shop.


Also, you have made an appearance on this exact question in the past, are you some kind of Guile compilation wizard?

gnu libltdl

Libtool hides the complexity of using shared libraries behind a consistent, portable interface. As for your second question, I have used Guile for a long time and know the GNU build tools fairly well.

gnu libltdl

Set the symlocal hint on libltvl. If the file with the file name filename cannot be found libltdl tries to append the following extensions:.

Can’t believe that was the problem the livltdl time. Creation Submit a new entry Create a collection. Once you have the tree checked out, you can keep it up to date by using git pull.

If it drops to zero and no other module depends on this module, then the module is unloaded. It also includes GNU libltdl, the libtool dynamic loader library. GNU libtool is a generic library support script.