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Package: python3-guiqwt (3.0.3-1)

Box and it might be necessary to fix the margins manually using QWidget. QwtPlotItem — Plot item to be displayed on a legend data list — Attributes how to display item on the legend.

See also autoDeleteinsertItem. The legend will be shrunk if it would need more space than the given ratio. That seems to me the best niche for this library competing with pyqtgraphsince Bokeh is probably dominating the interactive plotting applications now.

guiqwt package : Ubuntu

LUT range — tuple levelmin, levelmax. I don’t know any of them and I’m willing to learn the one that perform better in this application. When the scale has been set explicitly by setAxisScaleDiv the locally stored scale division gets assigned to the scale widget.

QwtLegendData is basically a list of QVariants that makes it possible to overload and reimplement legendData to return almost any type of information, that is understood by the receiver that acts as the legend.


python – pyqtgraph/chaco/guiqwt: Fast scrolling timetrace demo – Stack Overflow

Note The autoscaling flag has no effect until updateAxes is executed called by replot. Note The legend will be shrunk if it would need more space than the given ratio. LegendInterest flag is set.

But let judge on a real example. If Auto deletion is on all attached plot items will be deleted in the destructor of QwtPlotDict. Warning setAxis has been removed in Qwt6: Post by Pierre Raybaut Apart from the signal plotting performance, one could mention the huge gap between guiqwt and matplotlib in terms of image visualization performance e. Warning The position can be an x or a y coordinate, depending on the specified axis.

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If a None argument is passed, it will detach from any QwtPlot it was attached to. See also setLegendIconSizelegendIcon. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyGuiqdt Policyand our Terms of Service.

For better performance, I’d recommend looking at gulqwt of the GPU-based plotting libraries like visvis or galry. Setup data range variables for scrolling self. QwtScaleDraw — Object responsible for drawing scales. QwtScaleMap — Maps y-values into pixel coordinates. See also updateAxessetAutoReplot. QwtText — New text of the footer.

Return QRectF rectangle object in plot coordinates from top-left and bottom-right QPointF objects in canvas coordinates. Guiwqt also isVisibleshowhide. The major performance differences between matplotlib and pyqtgraph are in throughput –how rapidly new data can be plotted.


This is not the same as retrieving the canvas pixel coordinates which depends on the zoom level. When saving objects, the first method is tried and then, if no filename has been defined for mask data, the second method is used.

This member function is used to switch back to autoscaling mode after a fixed scale has been set. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. There are some efforts to bring matplotlib to the GPU as well, but I haven’t seen any results from that yet. To be useful in my workflow, the chosen framework should allow to run the plot from an interactive ipython session and should be fast and extensible eventually I will need several plots scrolled in sync on the same windows.

Hi all, Along with some code cleaning and maybe some API breaks. Thanks, this is almost a drop-in replacement!