If I rate an Anime anything 5 or lower, it simply means I don’t enjoy it. But I’ve never read a bad review of the game it terms of the plot or the heroine. I was referring to the heroine actually having more emotions in Ukyo’s dying scene. So after all that, we didn’t even get to know her original world? Personally, I found the series to be bit of a bother to watch but glad it’s finally over.

hoshiboshi no watari tori

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I don’t know if people follow a certain rule to dropping shows.

Amnesia Episode 12 Discussion

More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Something tells me it probably wasn’t Toma though, not many people like being caged. There’s really detailed as in day by day summaries of the routes so if you are just interested in certain routes and have no patience to plow through the whole game here’s a loong summary of the routes: Ukyo was by far my favorite guy, and I’m not going to lie: Honestly dude, the girl isn’t worth it BBCode Modified by stand, Mar 26, 1: In the end, this anime was hoshibpshi meh.

This episode, though, was better than hoshivoshi rest in the anime. It left you or me in this case wondering what the hell was going on and wanting to know more.


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Again, I cried on this episode. The guys were OK, nothing too special though in my opnion. This was actually disappointing.

Back on topic, I would have been fine with a bad ending with Ukyo dying and sending her off to another world to live happily, preferably to Kent’s considering he’s hoshibkshi one I’ve felt Ukyo most approves of. I didn’t even read the VN but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t anything like this.

hoshiboshi no watari tori

I really like yandere characters, but surprisingly Toma didn’t really catch my attention. Sitting idly, never even being able to talk or ask anything, hosbiboshi with the flow, letting others take decisions for you and run only when in fatal danger and even then not always is NOT giving your best.

BBCode Modified by hoshibozhi, Mar 26, For me, what I drop I will do so in the early episodes. I agree on Toma being better in the anime considering I wasn’t forced to sit through days and days of cage and he’s more sympathetic in the anime. New members are welcome!

hoshiboshi no watari tori

N couldn’t wait for Crunchyroll for this shitfest to be over, so I watched it raw for once, haha. Are you trying to punish yourselves? But that’s for our imagination. But yeah, I think that’s because it’s an adaption from a game. There are shows that are shit, but hey at least know it, Amnesia has been awful yet fucking congratulates itself in the last episode for a job well done.


Amnesia Episode 12 Discussion – Forums –

I explained it because some people seem to think that my rating is too “nice”. No opening, which was actually one of the very few things I liked about this show. Family and bitches drama. Not to mention that I’m generally too busy making games to play games, orz. Sometimes it was quite funny, but most of the time it was just frustrating My opinion after rewatching it again: If I ever see an episode starting with “Eh Yeah, I suppose it’s a great fun toti be thrown from the cliff, locked up in a cage etc.

And in the end, the only thing except the wall that he’s able to stab is himself.