If the installation was successful, you have one last step. The requirements to install Indexhibit are quite simple. Indexhibit will auto generate section pages for every section in your site. You will need the following information from the database you’ve created:. Is there anything like it in WordPress? A domain name is the url of your website – like ‘mywebsite. Backup the files for your site.

indexhibit 2

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If needed, you can convert the imported incexhibit to posts or other post types with a plugin such as Post Type Switcher. If everything is green you can go on. How are exhibits and media files imported into WordPress? Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

You need to change the permissions of the following folders to or ask your host if will work instead – it’s safer:. There are similar themes available in the WordPress theme repository. Again, backup your indexibit now.

The following people have contributed to this plugin. You will need to get both the domain name and the server space before you can install Indexhibit.

How to make Indexhibit website | On Off Library

Simply push the button and it will proceed. With your FTP application, you need to change ‘permissions’ on some files before you can proceed. This is extremely important to keep your contents safe.


Indexhibit will auto generate section pages for every section in your site. Translate into your language. Folders to indexhibkt same directory as your existing site aka the ‘root’ directory via your FTP application. Now you install Indexhibit. We also recommend that you read this tutorial about changes to Indexhibit. You could still follow these directions for updating your theme and exhibit formats.

If you have been utilizing ‘section sections’ you will need to make adjustments for them. The upgrade to Indexhibit 2 from all previous versions is not simply a one-to-one translation – you will need to complete a inddexhibit of steps involving:. Ask your host for help obtaining this information inddxhibit necessary.

indexhibit 2

In case this page closes before changing your login and password, do not worry, you can access with the default information – “index1” is the login and “exhibit” is the password. You must backup the following folders:. If the installation was successful, you have one last step before you can start playing with your website.

We provide a list of reputable hosts we’ve worked with over the years here. Once you have your domain name and webhosting you are ready to setup your FTP application and database. Coda, which is not free, stands above other similar applications because it is full featured, very well designed and intended for visual people who need to play with code.


Here are some examples:. ihdexhibit

If you wish to move your new Indexhibit site to a folder afterwards working on it privately you can do this later. Here are some examples: If you are simply updating your Indexhibit version 2 to a newer version read this tutorial.


Indexhibit will now ask you if you wish to import the content from your previous site. Webhosts have many different setups in inexhibit respect so you should ask them for help if you can’t identify the ‘root’ directory of your website by yourself. To access permissions of files and folders, you need to look at their ‘properties’ or ‘information’.

indexhibit 2