In early , the group reconvened at Chipping Norton Recording Studios and recorded backing tracks over the course of six weeks. He settled on Apple Venus after finding an illustration of a peacock feather that resembled an uvula , which evoked to him something “very vulvic and female”. But also, there really wasn’t much for him to do on this record and he felt left out. Some Singles — Beeswax: Moulding, Bendall and guitarist Dave Gregory wanted to reduce the project to one disc, but Partridge insisted on spreading it over two LPs.


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Stupidly Happy Ever After”. Partridge’s working title for the album, A History of the Middle Ageswas vetoed by his bandmates.


Apple Venus Volume 1 “. It soon became apparent that the band did instruvenuz have the funds to record all the material they had.

The group elected to divide the project into two parts: The label denied Partridge’s requests to renegotiate or revoke XTC’s contract. Library and Archives Canada. Some Singles — Beeswax: Comebacks always have such glittery-suit, Fablon, working-men’s clubs connotations. Retrieved 14 January Apple Venus Volume 1 Cooking Vinyl “. Retrieved from ” https: Archived from the original on 19 May Apple Venus, Volume One “.


It was the last album to include guitarist Dave Gregorywho departed XTC while in the middle of the sessions due to frustrations with Partridge. Apple Venus was originally planned as a double albumbut because the group did not have enough money to record all the material they had stockpiled, they elected to split the more rock-oriented songs as “volume two” released one year later as Wasp Star. The orchestra became a glorified sample, cut and pasted together to achieve the ‘ Vaughan Williams with a hard-on’ sound required.

Gregory said he told Partridge that Apple Venus was not “the instruvens we should be making after six years,” calling it “the vegetarian alternative.

The album’s title was meant to refer to “a beautiful woman”. Apple Venus Volume One “.


By the time of its release, Partridge no longer viewed XTC as a band, and preferred it to be known as a “brand” covering his and bassist Colin Moulding ‘s music. Then we got a piece orchestra at Abbey Road to play it through. Archived from the original on 14 November Opening track “River of Orchids”. Moulding, Bendall and guitarist Dave Gregory wanted to reduce the project to one disc, but Partridge insisted on spreading it over two LPs.



Retrieved 21 September Apple Venus Volume 1 This was followed in with Instruvenuscontaining the album’s backing tracks.

XTC’s previous album, Nonsuchwas received with critical acclaim when released in April From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Apple Venus Volume 1 – Wikipedia

Haydn Bendall Nick Davis. We just weren’t legally allowed to work. He credited “the core of the song” to the album’s orchestral arranger Mike Batt. The contract was so instruvenjs it got to the point where Andy wanted the moon and Virgin weren’t prepared to give it him.


Revised and Updated Edition.