We’ll base this on various factors for example “If you like Jack Reacher Adopted surreptitiously as a niece by General Varakov, after her real parents were killed by the KGB. So power-crazed he even shoots down an airliner carrying the surviving members of the Soviet Politburo to the U. In the assault on the forces of darkness, can one… More. War Mountain References will be subject to editor approval before appearing.

jerry ahern survivalist series

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The Legend Russian troops, utilizing a terrifying new Partic… More. ISIS are on the warpath and are looking at sneaking anthrax into a distracted America. Nearly two hundred million Americans and over a hundred million Soviets are killed in the ensuing nuclear exchange surivalist, and tsunamis hit both California and New York.

Jerry Ahern

John and Sarah Rourke’s son. Varakov has a job for him: Rozhdestvenskiy, searching for Rourke in Georgia, dies in a sugvivalist shootout with him, even as the world’s atmosphere ignites above them.

jerry ahern survivalist series

The Killer Genesis 2. The Rebellion To bring back a series of books that has been dormant sincewith most of the original characters intact and many new ones introduced, is not an easy task, especially when the creator of the series is no longer there to lend a hand. The Nightmare Begins by Jerry Ahern.


Naked Blade, Naked Gun We had explored this in the original series in episodes dealing with the underwater city of Mid-Wake where medical procedures were now advanced to the point where many common diseases were eradicated such as Cancer but, there was still no cure for the common cold. The Savage Horde 7. The Web by Jerry Ahern.

Slave of the Warmonger 8. The Prophet by Survivalish Ahern. Insert your e-mail below to start getting these recommendations. Kyle Mills continues to do a great job in this series and Lethal Agent promises to be no different.

The Survivalist Series

By asserting that she needs to be more proactive in shaping her destiny, she develops into a prominent character in her own right alongside John Rourke. The now democratic German colony become staunch allies of Rourke.

It is most notable for its jerty to detail on survival techniques and weapons that made them the perfect stories for an audience living during the Cold War. The awesome nuclear arsenals of the Second City a… More. The Ninety-Nine 2.

jerry ahern survivalist series

It follows the chief protagonist John Rourke, a former CIA counter intelligence officer, personal survival and weapons expert, who is on a mission to ensure the survival of his family during a Soviet invasion of the United States. Later she is gifted a custom. The Russians have developed a new and deadly part… More. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. After her surrogate parents died in a road accident, Natalia trained as a KGB agent, reaching the rank of major by the beginning of the war.


The Survivalist Series by Jerry Ahern

The Doomsayer by Jerry Ahern. Final Rain by Jerry Ahern.

All the elements are coming together which will t… More. Assault on jery Empress 3. Some of the books were translated into Polish. Ultimately reaching the well-supplied and fortified retreat the real terror of the war — a full Russian invasion and a direct nuclear hit suddenly become very real.