Sundarrajan in Major Chandrakanth Soundararajan went on to record more than hundreds of songs with Viswanathan — Ramamurthy. The film stars Gemini Ganesan, R. Missamma released in had hugely popular songs backed with strong carnatic classical essence. Vijaya and Nagesh , it was a super hit. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

kanna nalama movie songs

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It was simultaneously filmed in Tamil as Bama Vijayam, despite being released more than a year after that. He read the Thiruppavai of Andalwas amazed at its mystic poetry, to have a deep and lasting impact on him. The film was released on 11 Novemberduring Diwaliit became a commercial success, Sundarrajan, mivie portrayed the title role of a retired blind army major, acquired the prefix Major and was more known as Major Sundarrajan thereafter.

The film stars R.

Janaki stars alongside Gemini Ganesan and M. Retrieved from ” https: In a review dated 26 NovemberThe Indian Express said Sundarrajan brought not only “complete conviction and dignity” to his role but “revels his rare characterisational depth and sensitivity.

Gopishantha, better known by her stage name Manorama, also called Aachi, was an Indian actress and comedian who had appeared in more mvoie 1, films, 5, stage performances and several television series until Balachander in his directorial debut.

Manorama at Cinema Journalist Association Event. Cinematography was handled by Nimay Ghosh, the art direction by Ranganna; the music was composed in his debut.


Kanna Nalama

She used to participate in all the musical competitions at her school and Vizianagaram town events, she developed the crucial nuances in singing songs with apt expressions and modulations through her extensive training during those days.

Balachander, starring Prameela, Sivakumar, S. Kannadasan’s greatest contribution to Tamil culture is his songwriting.

kanna nalama movie songs

Sundarrajan, who portrayed the blind major Chandrakanth in the Tamil play, reprised his role in this film; the character’s sons Srikanth and Rajinikanth were played by R. Thus began a huge legacy of Susheela, who sang in all the films produced since through s and s till ; the legendary Tamil musicians Viswanathan — Ramamurthy duo wrote some of the most evergreen songs of Cinema history in the voice of Susheela.

The film was based on a play by the director, it was remade in Telugu in as Chiranjeeviin Malayalam in as Aaradimanninte Janmi.

kanna nalama movie songs

Sattekalapu Satteya is a Telugu-language film written and directed by K. Arjunan among others, she recorded many Malayalam duets with the veteran singer K.

kanna nalama movie songs

Kannadasan Kannadasan pronunciation was an Indian poet and lyricistheralded as one of the greatest and most important lyricists in India. Devi is forced to marry Paranthaman, an alcoholic gambler. Srinivas in Kannada marked a new era of duet songs in the South Indian music industry.


Kanna Nalama was Kamal Haasan ‘s first film with K. V her duets with T.

The music was composed by M. Since the new Accountant General nalana a BengaliBalachander decided the play had to be in English so that the General would understand it; this was unlike his other plays. Iru Kodugal is a Tamil-language drama film directed by K. Now a fugitive, Mohan hides in the house of Chandrakanth, a retired and blind major. Sethuan orphan is a patient, playing pranks on the other hospital patients, the nurse in-charge and the doctors.

Soundararajan went on to record more than hundreds of songs with Viswanathan — Ramamurthy.

Kanna Nalama – WikiVisually

He was nicknamed “Kadhal Mannan” for the romantic roles kanma played in films. Chandrakanth is sorry for Mohan’s plight. Neerkumizhi is a Tamil-language film directed by K. The film stars Nagesh, Sreekanth, R.

The film stars Major Sundarrajan, Nagesh, R. Missamma released in had hugely popular songs backed with strong carnatic classical essence. The former was directed by Gutha Ramineedu.