Even with large traffic, you can reduce loads on the source server and provide reliable services to users. Purge all files in a domain. We recommend that you set it to the domain name rather than the IP. It can be performed only when the status is Stopped. Source settings Set a source location, host header to be forwarded to the source, cache key hostname, and whether to use Gzip compression. No results matching ” “.


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The higher the ratio of the number of requests in Global CDN to the number of requests received in the source and the hit rate is, the higher the reuse of caching content in a cache server is, and the lower the requests to the source and the source load are.

The range response must be set on the source server to enable. Save requested log data in a compressed file format gz on an hourly basis.

You can restart or cancel CDN service that temporarily stopped delivering content. For domestic services, please use CDN Service. It specifies how often CDN checks whether the content on the source server has changed after being cached.

Once the configuration has been completed, the status is changed from Creating to Running. You can see the statistical graph of the transferred volume, number of requests, cache hit ratio, and response code by selecting a service name and period to be searched.


It provides reliable content delivery even when the content usage increases dramatically so that you can maintain service continuity.

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Count of each response code 2xx, 3xx, 4xx, 5xx that CDN returned to users. In case of a large file delivery, it is cached with 2 MB chunks, and it no longer krbwta.exe to the source if a user does not complete the download and there is more than a certain amount of capacity remaining.

It can be performed only when the status is Stopped.


Select Enable if the content is in different versions, and the response content varies depending on Vary request headers such as User-Agent, Referrer, and Cookie. Although you entered the wrong file name, the purge process will be marked as successful. Select Disallow if you want to allow content to access only from specific krbeta.exee.


Up to 10 of your own domains are supported. You can change all settings krbbeta.exe for the service name. You can view the saved logs 20 minutes after they are saved. Purge only specified content.

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You can conveniently manage certificates using Certificate Manager CM products. Not allowed when there is no A record IP information found after a domain query.

If your token-creation server time is two to four seconds earlier than CDN Edge server’s time, the authentication may fail because the token’s start time st is recognized as “too early” on Edge server. Specify how often CDN checks whether the content on the source server has changed after being cached.


You can view the saved logs 20 minutes after they are saved. The default option is to allow content even though no referrer exists. When configuring Virtual Host in the source server, you can control response content krbeta.eze referring to Host Header information. Purge all files in a domain.

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If the content being delivered is the same as that of the source server, you are recommended to set it to “Origin Hostname. The following characters are not allowed for the name or values of the header: Up to files can be entered at a time. Therefore, it reduces the source loads. Select Origin Hostname if Virtual Host is set on the source server as Origin Hostname and it is only allowed for this domain.

Set a service name, service protocol, and service domain. Compressed content is helpful to improve response time when working with a lower-quality network. Note about the st startTime value: Select Disable if the source server will give different content for each Query String.