Study and train powerful songs , to enchant your way through the everchanging dungeons. Wayward is a challenging turn-based, top-down, wilderness survival roguelike. Mario Donick days ago. The Legend King’s Bounty: You are a lone adventurer in a strange, non-Euclidean world. If you like, send me a post card address is in in-game help or “buy me a coffee” ;.


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Experiment with combining items to create new ones.

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Download Now Name your own price. Add file and help us achieve our mission of showcasing the best content from all developers. That guy had star quality. The Enter key is context aware and performs the most important actions. Please note that previous save game are not compatible with LambdaRogue 1.

The Book of Stars mariodonick Released Invoke powerful divine rage upon your enemies.

It’s just games like Hearts of Iron kind of came along and are better than the board game, so I remember playing 1. Go down the dungeon, deeper and deeper, until you reach the Core. I was not familiar with the Dark Sun realm, but I did play that game, it’s not amongst the ones I replay though. Add lambdarovue RSS Files. Disassemble items into raw materials to craft special equipment in the resource workshop.



Four professions make for a varied game, every time you start, after just another stupid death or just for trying something new. On Linux, the SDL v1. Thanks for spotting it. Any suggestions of time travel should now be fixed. It was among the first roguelikes in the scene back then that tried to simplify the user interface, using simplified key set and hotkeys for items, but it is not as stream lined as today’s games — it feels more like a traditional roguelike say, Angband with graphics than today’s roguelites.

Wayward Dec 22 Released Roguelike Wayward is a challenging turn-based, top-down, wilderness survival roguelike. As Enchanter, climb the ranks of the Council: The Book of Stars. You can set it there. Coffeebreak Mode is a more typical roguelike experience, without story and quests, and a straightforward goal: Rank 20, of 59, The Book of Stars and grow its popularity top gamesuse the embed code provided on your homepage, blog, forums and elsewhere you desire.


Inspired by modern games, LambdaRogue was one of the first roguelikes to show character statusmini map and message log in the corners of the screen. The Book of Stars. My main focus is on Linux and secondary Windows. Defeat Eristhe evil deity, to make life peaceful again for the people.

LambdaRogue: The Book of Stars

LambdaRogue was created in by Mario Donick. Visits 6, 1 today. The Bergson family has watched over Mount Morta for generations as the guardians of the mystical mountain and the lands surrounding it, but now they face Mario Donick days ago.


I played this game a LOT as a teenager, if they can actually do it well, perhaps I lambdarotue check it out. But shame on me, the old site is the 5th result in google There are only a few commands to remember.