Repetier-Server – the solution to control your printer from everywhere. Bob did not need the Jobs-like picture to write a great story about the Kees Kamper 3D print adventures. The problem did not switch to the Y-axis. They are printed in Haarlem and only when we need them, so no stock and almost no transport. But, as can be seen in the second image from the right, this is an optical illusion. Mac Repetier-Host Mac 1.

leapfrog repetier

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I did some research and think the motor which drives the x-axis is broken. They expected very fragile material, but they experienced a strong and stiff lamp shade: I did some research but could not find a software problem.

leapfrog repetier

When we told them, they could, most people were surprised. At Kikai Labs we made a version of Repetier that supports restarting objects, you may want to try it out!

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I will have to wait to get it from Leapfrog. Consistent crashes with Leapfrog and Repetier Posted by 3Dconfused. This event was hosted by a young tech company called 3D4makers. We use 3D printing to build our products. Now it is printing great stuff again! Many visitors liked what they saw, but were curious about what they were looking at.


leapfrog repetier

I have tried to load 0. More information at www.

Consistent crashes with Leapfrog and Repetier

Again without any costs…. I won’t start on design. Older versionsare not supported anymore and contain unfixed bugs and should be avoided when possible. Today anybody can prototype and test ideas, in days. Conclusion to much uncertainty, so I will not invest in my senior Leapfrog.

There is a compromise of material in this as well. Kees opened SketchUp and started drawing. In our last post we used 3D printing to create a new part to build a better version of an almost forgotten chandelier. After unpacking the tar file you need to run configureFirst. We show and sell three Schoone lights: But when your idea is 3D printed, tested and proven okay, you can always use mass production methods to sell it on a large scale.

The other overhead ceiling light also has to be regarded with suspicion now. This could not happen because it looked like the printer was completely finished.


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To print them without support, reletier were designed and printed in halves. The question is should I invest in a five year old 3D printer?

Leapfrog – Repetier Software

Older Versions for Windows. At the same time, it took at least a month before the first prototype could be tested.

leapfrog repetier

This one is called GeO: The latest stable release of the Repetier-Host for Macintosh comes already with everything you need. Click here to login.