I hope the link will be fixed, this map gives me such amazing nostalgia! Later I killed a sceleton and used bone meal to create some grass on the dirt planet. Be the first to post a comment! Beatrice 2 days, 17 hours ago. In this 4th version of my world I have most crops I hope you got interested and will follow this post. No comments have been posted.

minecraft planetoids map

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This map was such a large part of my childhood! I hope you mineceaft interested and will follow this post. You can find more information on my world in my comments at the earlier uploads of my world. It only supported vanilla minecraft, so if it had rendered it might have looked weird. Harryben 1 day, 5 hours ago. After mining a bit I went back home and started to farm diamonds.

I am just thinking about how to get a sugar cane without cheating but there is no way I guess. In the pictures below you can see my progress:. Craft a new link.


minecraft planetoids map

It took me forever to get over the wall. I used the “Fun World Generation Mod” 1.

Oasis of the Sea and a beautiful City wiederaufnahme mit Update 1. DiGiDiX57 5 hours, 2 minutes ago. Be the first to post a comment! minecratt

Planetoid Mod

Hello I recently started playing minecraft again and had the idea to share my progress on reddit. I was lucky again to find diamond again but also iron.

Now I have some seeds. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities.

minecraft planetoids map

Craft a new text post. After that I created a path to the stone planet to see which ore it stores. Minecrafft Week I will build a food farm and my house inside the first diamond planet.

Planetoid Mod –

I just used a world gen mod to create an interesting world. Recent Comments elcdragons town map RoBoRe 3 weeks, 22 hours ago. I spawned on the wooden minecraftt and chopped wood. Planetoid map 14M boredhermit 7, downloads 0 comments 8 yrs, 3 mths since last update seed.


Planetoids : Minecraft

But I had no iron tools to farm it. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I will test it on my own but I will continue this lpanetoids first! World by RoBoRe version 4. This post will be updated everytime I played and achieved something new. Yeah, the map generator stopped working a while ago, and the admin doesn’t have permissions to fix it. So I made the plan to destroy the water sphere to get to a new level.

Timeless beautiful ship, a very detail accurate replica: I think this is the only time I have to cheat.

minecraft planetoids map

Holodeck -Update July There are over 39, worlds available!