Implemented For national transport: There are a number of government ministries involved in chemicals management, including: For transport of dangerous goods. On 1 February , entry into force of the amended Swiss chemicals ordinance with a view to facilitate trade of chemicals that are already labelled according to GHS. Deadline for classification of chemicals under the ISHA:

nbr 14725-2

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During the transitional period 1 January to 31 Decembermanufacturers and importers were allowed to use either the GHS for classification, labelling and safety data 14275-2, or the previous hazardous substances and dangerous goods based classification systems.

The results of the comprehensibility training held in October as well as those of the situation and gap analysis were used for the development of GHS implementation activities during The introduction of transitional provisions 14725-22 the reclassification of substances and mixtures and the abrogation of the current system by It 147255-2 specifies the duties and responsibilities of the GHS implementing and coordinating government agencies in the adoption of the GHS classification criteria, labelling, and SDS requirements.

The competent authority for implementation of this legislation is the Serbian Chemicals Agency. There are a number of government ministries involved in chemicals management, including:.

Also provides standard hazard communication elements including labels and safety data sheets.

Chemical Watch | Global risk and regulation news

GHS provisions may be applied on a voluntary basis before that date Safety Data Sheet for chemical products content and order of sections applicable as from 1 February GB — The new rules entered into force on 26 June Labels and toxic levels 17425-2 hazardous substances under Food and Drug Administration control B.


Transport of Dangerous Goods Directorate Main relevant legislation: Label and toxic level of hazardous substances under Department of Agriculture control B. Situation and gap analysis study already initiated expected to be completed during the first half ofprior to the development of a National Strategy for GHS implementation. Development of a database for classification and labelling of hazardous chemicals consumer sector according to the GHS.

The Secretariat of the Basel Convention reports regularly on the progress of the work of the joint correspondence group to the Sub-Committee of experts on the GHS. Eleventh Schedule; – Transport: Transitional periods for implementation: Model Regulations ” and the following transport legal international instruments: Main relevant legislation all sectors: Revision of the Rule takes into account amendments to the United Nations Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods – Model Regulations and aligns transport controls 14752-2 regulations made under the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Actwhich imposes controls for all phases of the life cycle of hazardous substances.

Brazil updates standards to align with latest GHS

It was published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia on 10 September and entered into force on 18 September Among its programs, Myanmar has adopted Agenda 21, one part of which is to promote the environmentally sound management of toxic chemicals and hazardous 114725-2.


Update of the SDS.

nbr 14725-2

In the regulations, suppliers are defined as persons who supply hazardous chemicals, and include principal suppliers that is, suppliers who formulate, manufacture, import, recycle or reformulate hazardous chemical chemicals and subsidiary suppliers that is, suppliers who repack, distribute or retail hazardous chemicals. For international transport of dangerous goods see Implementation through international legal instruments, recommendations, codes and guidelines Consumer Products Focal point: Acute 2 and 3.

Minister of Trade Decree No.

nbr 14725-2

This process of awareness raising started in April through channels such as business association newsletters, training courses, public seminars and conferences. Development of GHS training kits, manuals and other guidance material for different sectors.

GHS implementation milestones transport and supply and use sectors.

United States of America. Sixteenth Schedule For international transport of dangerous goods see Implementation through international legal instruments, recommendations, codes and guidelines. A 3-day introductory workshop on the GHS was conducted in This process lead to the development of a strategic plan for national GHS implementation in The final draft was approved by the Hazardous Substance Committee on 3 August and the notification was published in the Royal Gazette of Thailand in March List of dangerous goods – GB