For now, a large screenshot. Users browsing this forum: Do this if you don’t already have it. Mon Feb 04, 6: This is where my maddening lack of OpenGL skillz shines through!


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Made changes to try to get better APU downsampling. I think new LUTs are correct.

I’ll have to install an XP VM and try it. It’s useful for a “I just want to run and play for a while” sort of mode. Tue Sep 18, 3: Thanks for the feedback! I’m woefully inadequate when it comes to documention. I’ll be trying out the emulator later, all nes emulators on it aren’t good ports at all, hope this is good enough! By the way, for those with performance concerns, if you un-check the bug icon in the toolbar it’ll disable many of the processor-intensive debuggers.

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Emulation engine now stops mid-frame if enough APU samples have been accumulated, rather than going to the end of the current frame. My method may be madness. Tue Sep 04, 3: Definitely worth checking it out.



Words like “much faster”, “more portable”, “so easy” were too hard to argue against. The project creates fine but if you open the Project Browser to the Source tree there will be multiple copies of the files in the tree.

Fri Jan 27, Thu Jan 26, Tue Jan 31, 6: I wonder if I can add some GL tests to somehow nesicixe to “accomodate”. Fixed square channel sweep emulation bug pointed out by Jarhmander.

I am working on a way for templates to be nsicide online and available in the tool. Thu Sep 06, 9: Wed Oct 31, 6: Please let me know if you try this and what your experience is.

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nesiciide Previous topic Next topic. Sun Sep 29, 2: This is distinctly a “my computer sucks too much”. Sun Sep 16, 3: Something is probably broken but it doesn’t prevent it to open.

Are said tools only on the nesicidee side as I usually don’t run the IDE part. But you will hear all channels enabled. In the Assembly Browser, for example, can you step instructions? Yeah something’s not making Software Center happy I do notice some graphical artifacting in the emulator window, but not in the area where I’m actually rendering