This software supplies all the instruments required for a quickly, easy and convenient. If you use a tachograph SE Duo, in order to display the Duo information you can use the Tacholink for remaining driving times, activities, etc …. It stores your activity information in a secure Data Protection Act compliant database and allows production of multiple reports including events, faults and missing downloads. The digital tachograph data is downloaded. OPTAC3 is part of the scheme so you can join today and get an automatic way of complying with […].

optac software

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If you use a tachograph SE Duo, in order to display the Duo information you can use the Tacholink for remaining driving times, activities, etc ….

optac software

Thanks to the built-in card reader for driver cards, data can be downloaded and read within a minute, moreover with the supplied cable it is possible to download data from the memory of the tachograph with an astonishing speed. However, the visualization of data is possible only on the display of the instrument itself.

optac software

We are ready to help you adapt to the change with the SE Connekt, our type approved 1C smart softwsre. Stay Cool in Summer: The digital tachograph data is downloaded through a serial 6-pin interface well-suited with all digital tachographswhile the integrated card reader allows to download the data directly from the driver card and must be activated before commissioning.

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Need help with our products and services? But as digital tachographs don’t produce a physical chart for you to look at, you also need a software tool to check the data from your drivers’ smartcards.

From today you can use an Android smartphone to download data from the digital tachograph whatever it is and the driver card. As you probably know, every new vehicle that needs a tachograph is now legally required to have a digital unit softwaee.

The main change is for […].

optac software

Want us to call you? The software included in the box allows to browse activities and faults in a simple and intuitive way; it is possible to manage an unlimited number of vehicles and drivers. Compared to many other software products, A. Chose your language by selecting a flag. It can show driver and vehicle related activity separately or collectively.

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Digital Tachograph Symbols explained Get to know all the symbols in your digital sooftware with our quick and easy quide. The downloaded data can be displayed on the instrument and on the PC with the possibility to generate various reports. The OPTAC instrument was planned to help the fleet managers to meet legal obligations for recording and storing digital data; as optad as to better manage the fleet and its drivers.

The software needs to be installed softwarw the dongle can be activated. You may be interested in This software supplies all the instruments required for a quickly, easy and convenient. While this doesn’t make any difference to the role of the tachograph and hours your drivers can work, it changes how you need to meet your legal obligations for examining and retaining tachograph data.


Software Optac 3 Optac 3. Ideal for those who already have a download tool, insofar not included; sogtware fees from the second year. OPTAC2 allows you to download, store and view all your driver and vehicle activity data. As all fleet operators are still legally obliged to store this data for 12 months, you need a hardware tool that allows you to download this data to your computer and store it in a secure database.

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Digifob Pro has a high definition LCD panel that makes easier to read the information. For a step-by-step run through of the activation process, click here. The downloaded data can be delivered automatically to your PC, thanks to a software that allows you to manage the data storage. Thanks to DLK Pro TIS-Compact, the data of the mass storage of digital tachographs and driver card are downloaded quickly and safely and are transferred to the PC for evaluation, archiving and printing, through the integrated software.

Once you have activated, enter your activation code in the box provided. The tachoworld is an innovative solution for downloading and data analysis of digital tachographs.