Assuming that you have a valid Windows 8 key, this procedure is also free and legal. Joined Wed Feb 16, 8: Page 2 of 2. I am wondering if and when Windows 8. After installation just use other pirated keys from net and activate through skype. Post the login details in the Private Servers section instead. Yes, apparently you’re right.

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All other stuff you can uncheck. Can somebody help me too fix it ,thanks……. The new win 8. Or just use the default KEY?

Thu Nov 17, 5: In my case I wanted to specify Professional edition expecting retail key so I created file with following content: Joined Wed Feb 16, 8: A Bit of Blur. Only betas no matter how old or new and finals 256 operating systems and applications that are at least 10 years old and therefore classified as abandonware are allowed to be uploaded to and shared on the BetaArchive FTP server.


oscdimg 2.56

Would I need to substitue the amd64 path to generate a 64 bit install? I am wondering if and when Windows 8. Tue Aug 27, 1: Licensed 2.566 for producing Microsoft authorized content.

I’ve searched over a few Portuguese auction sites but unfortunately nobody’s selling Windows 95 nor 98 CDs Oscdimb Sun Dec 30, 7: Hi you need it like this to get it with no key [Channel] Retail [VL] 0. I am only aware that at some point, Microsoft started producing masters with AutoCRC at the very end of the image file.

When i put the ei.

Installing Windows (Or 8) Without a Product Key – Medo’s Home Page

Then run as follows: Sorry Josip medved but your method to skip button was not simple. Microsoft has it all documented both ei. This guide requires proper key. Installed without a key just fine, but when I come to activate Windows it just rejects my Windows 8 key.

oscdimg 2.56

This file is for MSDN only. Scanning source tree files in 15 directories Scanning source tree complete files in 95 directories Computing directory information complete Image file is bytes before optimization Writing files in 95 directories to D: Thu Aug 04, 4: And they will stop working and Windows will definitely complain after install.


TechNet forums are intended for IT Pros. Well, when you download osscdimg W8. Thank you very much. Such programs are paid, but not expensive, and well worth every cent — they are extremely useful.

Installing Windows 8.1 (Or 8) Without a Product Key

Are there any resources or threads hiding around here? The key worked straight away with no hassle and my windows is now genuine.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Joined Sat Jun 08, Then, i play around with the parameters in cdimage.

oscdimg 2.56

What does this do??