More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Damage Touch startup and recovery have both been tweaked. You can now follow them up. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Others, like Gaap , Rudolf Ushiromiya and Maria Ushiromiya , only appeared in certain stage backgrounds, while Featherinne Augustus Aurora , Furfur and Zepar appear on certain menu screens. Battler Ushiromiya Resurrection Gradual health regeneration.

ougon musou kyoku cross bernkastel patch

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Mjsou, it’s playable for the PC, but you can’t make all the moves properly with a normal keyboard so you’ll need to get a game pad or a Wired XBOX controller or something. Fortunately, it means you can get a much better rewards off of tactics such as running under them when they jump in at you, then catch them on their backside.

The Touch command is the cornerstone of the game’s tagging system.

Ougon Musou Kyoku

Lucky, I can’t even find it ;A. Main Site Manual Patch.

ougon musou kyoku cross bernkastel patch

I think we will get new characters. You can no longer perform actions when your partner is coming in during Guard Touch. This forces the opposing player to use more SP to try and force a Metaworld declaration, or wait before they can try to ougonn it again. Main Site Gameplay Additions: Others, like GaapRudolf Ushiromiya and Maria Ushiromiyaonly appeared in certain stage backgrounds, while Featherinne Augustus AuroraFurfur and Zepar appear on certain menu screens.


Battler to the game’s roster of selectable fighters along with the characters previously criss featured in the XBox version of the game. SP This represents your character’s magical power and is used to perform your character’s most powerful special moves and to activate the Metaworld. Your character’s SP gauge won’t increase from fighting but instead gradually charges for the character that’s tagged out, forcing the player to use the tagging system strategically. Lucifer’s Stun values have been adjusted.

Silent Attack – This ability is now more effective. However I’m not really convinced, that we’ll ever get a new boxed version. Some code has been reverted back to 1. Minor bug fixes and typo fixes.

UltraPER duration improved, is now a one-time use ability. Lucifer’s 3C has been adjusted. The attribute of Attack Touch move against an air guard has been changed.

Instead, the characters have their own unique stories and endings in the game’s single player arcade mode depending on the pairings, with the story told between matches told in a visual novel -like style similar to the story modes in the BlazBlue series.

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. The character that declared Metaworld also gains access to their most powerful attack, the Meta Super, and can use regular SP Supers without expending SP while the Metaworld is active. The game was originally released on the 31st of December,at Comiket You can now follow them up. Profile Anime Web Natural-Selection. Retrieved from ” http: Using the Metaworld command costs one point of SP.


Ougon Musou Kyoku – Mizuumi Wiki

ohgon Black Ougoon health increased from to Bernkastel’s health increased from to As with previous patches, many “anti air” moves are still really shitty because most of them are “close” moves that dont come out early enough unless you’re Ronove: Virgilia Brimful Gradually restores the player’s SP gauge. Knox along with her subordinates Gertrude and Cornelia and Rosa Ushiromiya only appeared as background characters in the original Ougon Musou Kyoku, but would later become fully playable characters in future installments of the series.

This grants a brief bonus such as increasing the damage from counters or improving the chances to stun an opponent.

ougon musou kyoku cross bernkastel patch

Jessica’s SP has been adjusted.