Click Administrator Password Setting on the menu of Security tab to display this screen. To ensure the security of the data in the administrator mode, make the SSL setting. Language can be selected as desired. Select the desired mode before logging in. Are you in Europe? Administrator’s settings such as device network settings.

pagescope admin

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You can change customer pagescipe numbers, add a new customer address, or delete an existing address for multiple devices collectively. PageScope Web Connection has two view modes: Five tabs are provided in the screen. Setting support for each device See screen sample.

Konica Minolta PageScope Data Administrator User Manual

Edits user data for multiple devices collectively. Get all Konica Minolta manuals!. When launching program for the first time do the following, otherwise proceed to step.

Konica minolta pagescope data admin File size: Allows you to register user information, address, and other settings onto multiple devices at once. Collective copy authentication and address data: Pagescope Data Administrator Managing Address. PageScope Web Connection can be operated in the same way as an Internet website. Setting support for each device. To log out, click [Logout]. For details, refer to Enable SSL.


Pagescope admin download

Box Operator Accesses, downloads and deletes files in the. Language can be selected as desired. In this guide, [English] and [Flash] are selected for instructions.

Make the desired setting selected from the tab menu.

Edits accounts of multiple devices collectively. Please select another Change Location. Click Administrator Pagesco;e Setting on the menu of Security tab to display this screen. I’m trying to import the details of a machine using Pagescope Data read actuall bizhub series data but the software has no information how to.

pagescope admin

Scanner driver for reading image data from bizhub and scanning the data into application software supporting TWAIN. Copies authentication settings and address data from a device to multiple devices collectively. Start the Web browser.

pagescope admin

Maintenance of user data: This screen allows you to establish an administrator password. This PlugIn is for Data Administrator. Clicking a admij opens the page to that link.

For details, refer to Login and Logout Flows. PageScope Data Administrator is designed to make administrative processes quick and simple for Konica Minolta bizhub devices.


Display device information such as counter information.

Moreover, you can set function restrictions and maximum allowance in advance, and apply the saved settings when adding a new user. Specifies use of external certificates for multiple devices collectively. Collective setting of external certificates:

pagescope admin