This system features numerous filters for Datacenter, Server, Game type and even user. With the TCAdmin backup tool you can create backups of your database and game servers. Full function web based file manager – Easily access and edit, create, upload, delete files all via a web browser. Never worry about waiting for your provider to patch your server. Have multiple servers that need to pull game files from another server? It will update all your servers, both master and remotes! United States The Game Monsters thegamemonsters.

painel tcadmin

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painel tcadmin

Built-in IP filtering – The monitor application running on your server knows which IPs it should accept requests from, so you don’t have to worry about your monitor receiving malicious commands from unknown sources. Web based FTP clients tend to be slow and buggy.

Game server mover – Move a game server from one location to another automatically. You and your clients are notified by email when the move is complete. Run the backup as a scheduled task and you will always be prepared for the worst. You can configure whether you want to allow your users to use the steam update or only administrators. All affiliates listed on this page to the right currently use the TCAdmin software to manage their own gameservers, and have years of experience in setup for all types of games and mods.

Master FTP Servers – Are you tired of keeping all the game installation files updated on each of your servers?


TCADMIN – The Game Hosting Control Panel

Have multiple servers that need to pull game files from another server? Never worry about waiting for your provider to patch your server. Once finished the panel will email the admin, and tcadmiin the client if you wish!

This will mean that GSPs will be able to completely automate the ordering, payment, fraud verification and service tacdmin for game servers. Ask your provider about it today. With TCAdmin all you have to do is configure his dedicated server as a remote and assign it to his account. Dedicated Server Hosting Are you an individual or clan looking for an easy to use dedicated server that you can run multiple games and voice server software on?

Update system tfadmin Ok, if this runs on my machines how do I get updates?

You decide what they can and can’t edit. Admins can also set a forced FTP path to a particular folder within the client’s game install folder to lock access to files such as ranked BF servers to the PB folder only. Mod install system – Cut the support tickets down. The WHMCS module supports creating game servers, voice servers, automated suspend, enable and delete. This usually means that the client needs to learn how to run and configure the games they want to host.

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Clients are required to provide their own game files for the games they wish to host. TCAdmin monitors each individual game and makes sure the game is not only running, but also active. The next time that gametype is installed TCAdmin will use the local copy of the files instead of downloading them from the master server.


Some of these providers offer our TCAdmin Datacenter Edition software which allows the client to have their very own master server setup without the hassle of finding game files and configs.

Then simply publish it through the panel, and let users click a button to install it!

painel tcadmin

With TCAdmin you don’t painle to worry about it. Breakthrough Medal of Honor: We also include 2 different templates which client can download from our forums for free!

It also includes mod and map installers for one click installs of the most popular maps and mods. Sub-users – Paineel clans with more than one user?

Dedicated Server Hosting

When you re-activate this user, all his game and voice servers are brought back online. United States The Game Monsters thegamemonsters. Supports over 75 games – Tired of waiting for your other control panel to support [insert game here]? The system can also be setup to keep a copy of the game files on the remote machine automatically during setup. We even include Branding monitoring so clients can brand their name on the customer’s server. Game server resource usage – TCAdmin logs the number of players, processor, and memory usage for each game server.