In this tutorial I show you how to get the best possible results out of illustrator for your CNC project. I can use the files generated out of plasmacams designedge to import into other systems like a Tochmate 5×10 that I own. Call it proprietary if you want The advanced is great because it will provide part templates that you can automatically cut out based on your specs and measurements that you input. I actually did not use the tracing capability at all on this one because DesignEDGE converted my image rather flawlessly. Design Engineering Software Downloads.

plasmacam design edge software

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plasmacam design edge software

Programs you will need to. Call it proprietary if you want Some of the work that use to take edte to do other programs and is completely done and ready to cut in fraction of the time even minutes most of the time Download curious village weekly puzzles Download ezemrx india I will be evaluating the newest software and hardware from both CandCNC.

Plasmacam’s Designedge It is absolutely amazing!

What do I need to adjust? The best situation is with the Advance Design Edge software I can think of using just Visio or Inkscape for drawing and then somehow converting it ppasmacam gcode so I can clearly control the order of things being cut BTW, I tried converters like Ace and it doesn’t understand curves from dxf, so that’s pretty useless. I am a senior in high school and my school has a plasmacam.


plasmacam design edge software

You can do a lot of this stuff by using the spline feature and then linking the line segments when your are done. Honestly, with the amount of time that the designedge has saved me, I’m am confident that you would probably pay for it in your first project.

I then go to a blank plasmacam drawing, click import and then select the BMP version of the airplane. Just like anything else, you really get what you pay for and if it is for free, It may be pretty neat for fooling around with but when it comes to serious CNC plasma cutting, those programs are nothing but a FANTASTIC waste slftware time which may not be all that bad.

plasmacam design edge software

Working with images depends on several different factors. I got PlasmaCam CNC plasma table, most basic, no height control and the software that comes with it is a basic driver, import.

Make sure to select this. In hind sight, I am not sure that anyone could pay me any amount of money to use anything else!

plasmacam design edge software

You can even trace directly over the imported picture on the screen, And pretty easily turn this: I think it is completely worth it compared to anything else that I have used. I save and open it in Paint and then I resave it as a Bitmap 16 color I believe. And I still have not found a store that can sell me more time Download With Walt Whitman in Camden book Let me know what you are working with right now and I will do my absolute best to advise accordingly.


Every setting, every function, every mouse click is for plasma cutting. So importing a complex dxf would send the torch trying to cut individual segments in nonsensical order. Plamacam Design Help Need to bring images into DesignEdge That helped me to get started and understand it a little better!

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Has anyone had this problem? I would start with one JPEG and import it in 3 times with different filter perimeters on each. The designedge is also loaded with a ton of other features that make life easier, for plamsacam there over hundreds fonts already loaded into the program that are designed for metal cutting.

Designedge is pretty sweet in that respect, it will covers all of the bases in one, very easy to use interface that also controls your machine. Download coalesys winsock library There plasmcam literally hundreds of features in designEDGE compared to the previous versions that not only save me money You can set up the Designedge to basically keep any sort of editing time to an absolute bare minimum!