First, I will show you how to use RapidMiner as a basic text-mining tool. In a few words, RapidMiner Studio is a “downloadable GUI for machine learning, data mining, text mining, predictive analytics and business analytics”. This article or section is a stub. You should see something like in Fig. Once you have the relevant amount of tweets, you can save your Google Drive folder in a local place in your computer, that you will specify to RapidMiner. You can see it in a data view table which can be sorted and in other ways like charts. I looked how to do it, and tried different ways, but didn’t manage to do it.

rapidminer 5.3.15

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Tool is suitable for: Simple data format conversion, Simple data transformation operations, Advanced data transformation operations, Mathematical transformation of data for analysis.

Of course I only explored a very small amount of it’s functionalities and strengths. First of all create a New Process. RapidMiner is now a commercial software, so you can only use the product for 14 days, after asking a trial license.

Data mining type This tool is made for Structured data mining, Text mining, Image mining, Audio mining, Video mining, Data gathering, Social network analysis. You will see now the main window of RapidMiner Studio, and I will briefly describe the main zones of the working space:.

TF-IDF is a “short for term frequency—inverse document frequency” which is “a numerical statistic that is intended to reflect how important a word is to a document in a collection or corpus. This process has the main objective of showing how we work with data in RapidMiner. I will present Zapierwhich ” connects the web apps you use to easily move your data and automate tedious tasks “.


You have now your data ready to start using it with RapidMiner.

Authors of this page consider that this tool is rather easy to use. At this point we have our operator in our process, and we need to set his parameters.

rapidminer 5.3.15

On the right side of your toolbar you can see a four-element menu that allows you to switch between Design and Results also with F8 and F9 keys that will be very useful. Can perform data analysis of type: I got nearly 8′ tweets in a few days. rapidmineg

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Data mining and learning analytics tools Stubs Analytics. Once the process showed before is complete and valid, you can test it to see if data outputed is what you were waiting for. This article or section is a stub.

rapidminer 5.3.15

We need to make a process that will take our directory as input, and that will output data that can be analysed and visualised. In rapidmine words, it is a short or insufficient piece of information and requires additions.

This will allow the data to be processed. I created a process in RapidMiner that reads that file and outputs it’s data: One of RapidMiner big values is that graphic user interface, that allows you to build processes quite naturally. RapidMiner is written in the Java programming language. You should see something like in Fig. Now that we have our Process Documents from Files operator in our Main Process area and our text directories set up correctly, we need to connect our 5.33.15 Process Documents from Files on the left from inp to wor and on the right from exa to res, and wor to res.


Retrieved from ” http: RapidMiner is a world-leading open-source system for data mining. Tokenize will separate words making them independent values.

rapidminer 5.3.15

Manipulation type This tool is designed for Data extraction, Data transformation, Data analysis, Data visualisation, Data conversion, Data cleaning. Simple data format conversion, Simple data transformation operations, Advanced data transformation operations, Mathematical transformation of data for analysis Data analysis of type: As you launched RapidMiner Studio v.

RapidMiner Studio

My last processread Excel, is the easiest way I found to filter tokens depending on the “In documents” value. Secondly, I will explain how you can analyze tweets for free with RapidMiner Studio and a third-party website for Tweeter extraction that is a premium feature of RapidMiner Studio.

As said before, the process treating links could be more automatised: