By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Texture Update Nordschleife All Road v1. Galaga has granted me permission to release a version of Transfagarasan I’ve been working on which includes timing in practice mode and a little bit of shadow work. Templates and Content Mirrors. We are conducting tests with this system, a different option to live racers. My goal is to give this conversion the care and attention to detail that it deserves so this is just the beginning.

rfactor transfagarasan 1.01

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Northside International Raceway 1. Because it should be better than liveracers?

rFactor Currently Released Tracks

This is usually located in the rFactor 2 root directory. It may also be closed at other times, because of weather conditions it occasionally snows even in August.

rfactor transfagarasan 1.01

This configuration is the full tarmac downhill layout. Route The road climbs to 2, metres altitude, making it the 2nd highest mountain pass in Romania after Transalpina. Oct 6, 1. Chevrolet Camaro GT3 1. Mills Metro Park 2.


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Panoz AIV Roadster 0. LoadingScreen Alaskan International Circuit 1.

Rfactor transfagarasan 1.01 firefox

Tests are not to bad. Aug 22, 6.

rfactor transfagarasan 1.01

Please login or register. One problem I found with this track In Asetto Corsa is the camera on recording. Toyota Celica GTO 1. Though the game should do this automatically, try downloading the. Neto and Satangoss Download Link1: This page was last modified on 10 Septemberat Interlagos GP wet by Download Link1: If this still doesn’t work, try changing “Player Nick”: CamFile Chayka for rFactor v1.

Touge Downhill Pack possum and waitomo Download Link5: And looking foward to the Cobra, of course One last thing, the track comes in 12, yes 12, configurations representing every combination of top half, bottom half, full track, uphill, downhill, tarmac and gravel.

Mikk that lap was irregular, the intermediates made it clear that he made the small circuit and then waited on the finish line, to then close with 8. Zone99 Design By DzinerStudio. Coffs Harbour Road Course 1.


Installer Buffalo Back Park 4. The difficulty of this section is considered to be very similar to Hors Categorie climbs literally beyond categorization in the Tour de France.

Upcoming Races Full Calendar. Lime Rock Park 2.

Rfactor transfagarasan firefox

Aug 24, 9. Texture Update Nordschleife All Road v1. Rain fixed scn Hockenheim 1.