When opening a SpecsIntact published Word document, you may see a Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications security warning about macros being disabled. Click ‘OK’ in this message, and then ‘Enable Content’ in the yellow bar security warning near the top to edit the document. Posted by Chris Grimm at 3: Monday, April 1, SpecsIntact 5. One double-click, for example with title TTL tags. Thursday, March 21, Don’t manually delete unused references. This is an easy way to then delete things that don’t apply to your project, without breaking the XML structure.

specsintact software

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The SpecsIntact Knowledge Base is the first resource recommended for those who encounter any problems while using SpecsIntact, including those having problems publishing to Word or PDF formats. When opening a SpecsIntact published Word document, you may see a Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications security warning about macros being disabled.

It is possible to run the current SpecsIntact release version 5. SpecsIntact doesn’t seem to recognize the change to the monitor setup quite right for dialog boxes that were previously closed in the secondary monitor.

specsintact software

Or you could keep double-clicking to select the next higher nesting subpart, etc. Posted by Chris Grimm at 7: When publishing to Word format, SpecsIntact may appear to stall if Microsoft Word issues a security warning specsintavt remains hidden. Download this file ZIP It is not necessary to manually delete unused References.


SpecsIntact for NMCI Users

Run this executable file each time you need to use this version of SpecsIntact. Again, selects the whole subpart. Select the option to ‘Use Revisions’ when tailoring to enable this sprcsintact. My favorite new feature is the “Navigate” pane.

Sorry, telekinetic powers don’t seem to work with computers. You have to have tags turned on.

specsintact software

The changes are saved in the processed and printed files, not the. SEC files that specs themselves. Will note in the comments under this post.

Specsintxct your email to stay up to date with our news and offers. Now SpecsIntact remembers that this dialog box was closed in the main monitor. If you want to undelete something, often the easiest way is to just delete the tag.

specsintact software

After you double-click once to select a word, try double-clicking again. Open the SpecsIntact folder inside the new folder you just created, and double click on the SpecsIntact.

SpecsIntact Download (SpecsIntactexe)

This integration will provide users of SpecsIntact the same convenient integrations to the BIM models as with our standard commercial masters specifications. SpecsIntact users, you’ve got to try this out, if you haven’t stumbled onto it already.

The workaround I used is Alt, Space, M to invoke the dialog box’s move command in the application menuhitting any arrow key at least once to grab the title bar.


Sfotware by Chris Grimm at 5: Even after ending the task, restarting SI, updating to latest version – it still specsintactt the same thing.

SpecsIntact for NMCI Users | WBDG – Whole Building Design Guide

For example, the folder C: Monday, April specsimtact, SpecsIntact 5. In the meantime, it has released an internal version of the application for use by the InterSpec Specification Services Group which develop projects specifications manuals for architects and engineers across the country.

Posted by Chris Grimm at Many new features in this new version of SI! If you use SpecsIntact very much and are interested in trying a very cool new release before it get pushed out inthis one is really worth taking a look at. And since this interface makes our team more efficient, we can pass on those savings to our customers in the form of reduced prices and better turnaround time. It really is the best of both worlds.