But for now, lets try to solve the problem on my Linux Ubuntu Does anyone know how to fix it? Joined Apr 22, Messages 3, Forums New posts Search forums. I bought Skyrim and I’m still going to have to go and find a pirated version with a crack so I can just get rid of all the that. Register now to participate using the ‘Sign Up’ button on the right. I buy all my PC games whether single player or not. No, create an account now.


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Joined Apr 22, Messages 3, I don’t understand how people get by on measly 3G packages.


Well i’m 14 years old and i don’t have that kind of money at the moment. But mostly videos about how to install it when you have a CD. It will show a progress with a time remaining.

Skyrim without Steam – Help!

You must log in or register to reply here. How much is a Pay as you go Simcard? From there, select install and allow the installer to run. Feb 8, Messages: Hopefully this works for him.


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Buy Sim card and R50 airtime in order to get the free MB, aight? You may now register with your Facebook or Steam account!


Except the gaming part. I only have a 50MB 3G bundle. The following is the tutorial: Dude, what sat1cv01d you manage to do with 50mb?

Skyrim without Steam – Help! | MyBroadband Forum

I’m merely posting all this as ztat1cv01d with said ‘solutions’ led me to being 2 days late to playing the game even though I pre-ordered the darned thing! You might want to consider a dual OS setup. I use a minimum of 20 gigs every month and that’s without pirating anything.

No, you just gave a really plopsty answer, Finalchrono. It’s so silly to insist on Steam for a singleplayer game like skyrim, I have no problem statt1cv01d steam really I just don’t wantto have to have it running all the time and it to give me issues the moment I am offline.


So anyways, that’s why i have Linux, not Windows. Cell C R50 airtime gets you MB data bundle for free?

[Bug 29096] New: Phoenix (steam file extractor) z-order of popup is wrong

Yay, my copy of Skyrim has arrived by courier. Yes, my password is: Or if you decide to use steam, follow these instructions. Joined Jun 5, Messages 7, But here’s the thing – i have Linux Ubuntu.

Skyrim is awesome, so good decision on buying the game. Dec 11, Messages: Well, mine is mounted. Welcome to Skyrim Forums! Dec 22, Messages: Once Steam has been installed and you log into your account, it will prompt you to enter your Steam Activation Key.

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