Again, it doesn’t matter what it is as long as it’s different from every other computer on the LAN. RLE for Windows 3. The drive letter may be different on your computer depending. EXE for Windows 3. Login to the network account you created above. This older version still runs on Windows 3. Uncheck “Always display this message when a page contains errors” and click OK.

tcp/ip-32 3.11b

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Download Internet Explorer 5 iso. I suppose this is to cut down on their email but it is poor customer service nevertheless. There was Rcp/ip-32 NT, but that was for the big businesses. Also, the email support links are useless.

EXE Pegasus Mail bit v3. This version of Windows requires a manual setup. If it is, click Close. EXE Wallpaper from Windows 3. Start Windows if it ycp/ip-32 started already, and open File Manager.


If the new link is bad do a search for TCP32B. You probably need to reboot now. For more info on installing these, see the Windows for Workgroups 3.

Windows 3.x Resources

Long File Names for Windows 3. Double click on it. Click Cancel, then tp/ip-32 Yes. From the DOS prompt change to this directory and execute the following command: I guess Windows 3.

EXBlog: Windows for Workgroup – How to install the TCP/IP Protocol

Where it says A: Now click on C, and you will see a file named tcp32b. You should now get a message the driver was successfully installed.

tcp/ip-32 3.11b

The archive additionally contains the Quicktime Internet-Plugin v. Or perhaps they are just lying around gathering dust. EXE Patch to enable Windows 3. See the Windows 3. EXE for Windows 3. Reboot one more time.

Windows for Workgroups

Click A right above the little tree. The Microsoft Internet Explorer setup program will start. Make a backup copy of WIN. When it asks for your timezone, choose the one that best suits you, and select whether or not you are experiencing Daylight Savings Time. Again, it doesn’t matter what it is as long as it’s different from every other computer on the LAN. Click browse and double click on the floppy image. Tcp/i-p32 the name of the directory, use TCP.


You will get some warning message. EXE The latest Quicktime version tcp/iip-32 will work with 3.

tcp/ip-32 3.11b