As far as I can remember, there was 10 appliance limit. I want to use array based replication to replicate the volume. Multiple replication jobs for the same MS-App client causes errors during execution if they are scheduled for the same time. An error message displays, but there is no log activity. The difference between the sources count and the out-of-date sources count is common for Microsoft SQL and Exchange application database backups. Locate the field “com.

vdp vmware 5.5

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vSphere Data Protection Release Notes

Home Lab Reviews — Virtualization Software and reviews, Disaster and backup recovery software reviews. This is a known issue and will be fixed in a future release.

After the restore job completes, you can manually add the restored VM into the vApp or Resource Pool. In addition, the Web client fails to include one client from the overall number of restores. If the user creates an Application database backup without expanding the instance, the backup group automatically picks up the newly-added database and backs it up.

As a best practice, avoid deleting virtual machines during restore operations. Deleted disks are skipped when restoring to original location.

One of the real beauties of VDP is its ease of deployment and management which explains why thousands of VMware customers have already downloaded VDP since it was introduced last year.


Message when trying to import a non-data disk can be reworded. Actions Copy To Clipboard copy external link to 55.5 copied! Vnware was a popular feature request and we are now happy to deliver with VDP 5. I have mentioned this a few times to product management and the development team.

Replication provides a more efficient, secure means to move backup data offsite for disaster recovery purposes versus legacy tape solutions.

Restart the appliance and note if there are performance improvements with specific tasks. This issue exists for both backup jobs and backup verification jobs.

The restore of a virtual machine directly to a host can be accomplished without the need for vCenter Server and the vSphere Web Client. We have VSphere Essentials Plus on a three host cluster. As most of you know, we cannot discuss specific road map information in forums such as this.

You can chose what to backup.

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Unable to log in to vdp-configure after the first reboot. This warning message is not correct. Create a user name with 20 characters or less.

vdp vmware 5.5

This patch will only run on a release 5. Jeff Hunter October 16th, Javier — did the fix above help with the issue you hit?

vdp vmware 5.5

It is only when the user clicks Yes on the Ready to Complete page that the Add Disk operation fails with a fatal error message. Since the backup data is de-duplicated at both the source and destination and only changed data segments are sent across the wire, bandwidth utilization is minimized — no need for WAN acceleration technologies.


Apr 13, Total Views: If an organization has an existing Avamar implementation, this can also be used as a target for backup data replicated from VDP.

VMware VDP 5.5 and VDP Advanced – With a DR for VDP!

Unable to restore VM for restore point. When a larger size VM with discrete hard disks is restored over an existing smaller size Vdo with one diskthe restore job completes but only one disk is actually restored. By the way, I did not include any screen shots.

Could you please vmwarre them a little from next time? On Microsoft Exchange clients, there are many warning messages in the avagent log that print frequently and fill up the logs. Repluser can be used. Or as before am I missing something? Dec 10, Total Views: The agents enable more granular backup and restore capabilities.