The third rite is another puja involving re-dressing and lunch at noon. Even though Vithoba is depicted with dark complexion, he is called a “white god”. The image is then dressed to receive morning devotions. However, the main centre of worship is Vithoba’s temple in Pandharpur. There are three versions of the Pundalik legend, two of which are attested as textual variants of the Skanda Purana 1.

vithala panduranga song

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Some images vithalw Vithoba’s right hand making a gesture that has been traditionally misunderstood as a blessing; no gesture of blessing is present in the Pandharpur image. His second son and successor was recognized as a manifestation of Vithoba and named Vitthalnath, also known apnduranga Gusainji.

Essays on Religion in Maharashtra. The devotee Pundalik, thrower of the brick see Legend belowis a major character in the legends of Vithoba. Singh, Kumar Suresh; Mehta, B. Retrieved 20 July The physical characteristics of the central murti image of Vithoba at Pandharpur, and various textual references to it, have inspired theories relating to Vithoba worship.


Panduranga-Mahatmya by a Brahmin called Sridhara; another work of the same name written by Prahlada Maharaj; and also in the abhanga s of various poet-saints. The Brahmin texts include: Venkateshwaraa form pandruanga Vishnu; Mahalakshmi, a form of Vishnu’s consort Lakshmi ; Garuda and Hanuman see previous section.


vithala panduranga song

Regional and Vernacular Variations on a Hindu Deity. Inside the temple, a stone inscription records gifts to the temple between pandurannga from various donors, notably the Yadava king Ramachandra’s minister Hemadri. Vithoba’s arms-akimbo iconography is similar to Bir Kuarthe cattle-god of the Ahirs of Biharwho is now also associated with Krishna.

This is evidenced by the liturgical call— Pundalikavarada Hari Vitthala! In this context, Pandharpur is affectionately called “Bhu- Vaikuntha ” the place of residence of Vishnu on earth by devotees.

The Hindu Religious Vitha,a Originally published: Archived from the original PDF on Today, the temple stands without a central image, [93] [94] though between andmost important transactions, which would have been carried out previously in the presence of the original state deity Virupaksha a form of Shivawere issued in presence of the central image of Vitthala.

Despite assimilation in Vaishnavism as Krishna-Vishnu, Vithoba does not inherit the erotic overtones of Krishna, such as his dalliance with the gopis milkmaids. He wears a necklace of tulsi -beads, embedded with the legendary kaustubha vitnala, and makara-kundala fish-shaped earrings that the poet-saint Tukaram relates to the iconography of Vishnu. Padnuranga, even the Mahanubhavaswho rose in the 13th century as a Krishna-worshipping sect, not only dismissed the notion that Vithoba is Krishna but also frequently vilified Vithoba.

The Panduranta temple mentioned above is a World Heritage site and the most important of Vitthala’s temples outside Maharashtra. Schomer, Karine; McLeod, W.


Vithoba – Wikipedia

International Centre for Cultural Studies. In Tamil Nadu, Vitthala shrines are found in SrirangamVittalapuram near thiruporur and in Tirunelveli districtand ThennangurGovindapuram near Kumbakonam and sculptures are also found in Kanchi.

Thus, Vitthala would mean ‘one standing on a brick’. The emergence of Vithoba was concurrent with the rise of a “new type of lay devotee”, the Varkari.

Reconstruction of the historical development of Vithoba worship panduganga been much debated.

vithala panduranga song

Religion and Gods of Maharashtra”. The historiography of Vithoba and his cult is an area of continuing debate, even regarding his name.

Views Read Edit View history. The Madhva Matha of Udupi.

vithala panduranga

State University of New York Press. This last theory is based on a reference to Vithoba as vitbala belonging to Karnataka in the work of the first of the poet-saints, Dnyaneshwar. Bradnock,Roma Bradnock