Eclecticist April 7th Comments. It is an electronically styled album that fashions with it funk, jazz-fusion, and romantic-era classical guitar. Site Copyright Sputnikmusic. My Night And Day Purchasable with gift card. Tweet Recent reviews by this author.

weathertunes palm beach

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Okera A Beautiful Dystopia.

weathertunes palm beach

It provides cosy warmth in winter and refreshing coolness in summer. In renowned German composer Weathertunes released his own interpretation of what the ultimate summer soundtrack would sound like Yet what really separates Palm Beach from the mounds of failed summer jazz-fusion projects or endless house remix compilations is the neach of the album and the structuring of each song in it.

Solid review man Listening to the first track on youtube and although I’m not seeing 5 potential this definitely seems like some good light music for the summer. On full album length, rolling waves of charming beats keep you going to create an overflow of joyful vibes. Scoot April 6th Comments. The soundtrack to a very special and memorable summer.

weathertunes palm beach

Smooth, jazzy saxophone lines and romantic classical guitar riffs are present in every track and are paired with completely chilled out drums to form an alluringly relaxed ensemble. Streaming and Download help. This relates back to structure because it is very clearly heard on the album that Weathertunes has gone through a great deal of trouble in piecing together each track so that there is a continual display of tight, intricate, and atmospheric instrumentation that is not reliant on bfach or particularly noticeable prominent features.


weathertunes palm beach

Michael Silver returns with more postmodern spa music, new-age compositions electrified with breakbeats, balearic interludes, and more. Each blow from the saxophone is tepid and composed beacy passionate and savory. Funeralopolis April 6th Comments.

Weathertunes palm beach download

Palm Beach is a relaxed and slightly eclectic release that captures in music what is normally experienced cognitively by a person. Ultimately, the main focus of this review is to draw attention to the fact that this is not an album to miss out on. Kratos Himself Remixed by Kratos Himself. Kellerdeck haha well I have just two more reviews and then I will write the one for your album. Whether one is a fan of electronic music or not, Palm Beach draws from a wide variety of styles and has practically everything that the listener would want to hear in a summery audio depiction.

Its niche is less limiting than most other electronic albums that may be better apt for dancing, or mellowing out while having to drive for extended periods of time.


Its lackadaisical, meandering shuffle makes you long for daytime love-making — a padded dream where the laws of gravity cease to exist.

Hopelust April 6th Comments. Yazz Ahmed guests and we feature “The Music of” tribute to French musical legends.

The atmosphere evokes all sorts of endearing experiences: Kellerdeck April 6th Comments. Purchasable with gift card. It’s dangerous out there. Tweet Recent reviews by this author. Back to Mine – Jungle by Jungle. Velvet Acid Christ Maldire. If you like Palm Beach, you may also like:.

Many people experience summer differently and have their own nostalgic music that they like to play as they bring out their barbeques and lawn chairs. I am sure its good but yea expect detailed criticism.

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