Additionally, the project develops a number of extra modules in XZM format that can extend the system capabilities as desired. August 9, GPL. The Linux kernel has been updated to version 3. New in Wifislax 4. Many programs and libraries have been updated to newer versions and a number of new tools have been added for the first time.

wifislax 4.3 reaver

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The live DVD, which supports both Spanish and English languages, is ready for download from here MD5 checksum is provided in wifislaz announcement: Many of the included security applications were also upgraded and several new ones were added. RISC OS is not a version of Linux, nor is it in any way related to Windows, and it has a number of unique features and aspects to its design.

Liberada version final de wifislax version de mantenimiento

And last but not least, the default desktop wallpaper has also been updated. The distribution comes with Linux kernel 3. UBports updates and new map app. Destination Linux MP3. This is mostly a maintenance release to fix a serious bug in Reaver, a WiFi passphrase brute-force attack utility, the use of which resulted in segmentation fault in the previous release of Wifislax.


wifislax 4.3 reaver

Count your Linux Box. The release announcement is in Spanish only, but the live CD offers a choice of Spanish and English localisation for the two included desktops. The two available desktops, KDE 4. Commercial distributions and DistroWatch. There have been no changes on the desktop front where KDE remains at version 4. As always, the Wifislax developers provide a number of extra modules using the xzm extension which make it easy to install extra software and to extend the system.

The 43 version 4. For example, it includes two entries for running the live environment with a normal or PAE kernel useful if you have more than 4GB of RAMa hardware detection tool, a memory testing tool, and support for qwerty keyboards. Many programs and libraries have been updated to newer versions and a number of new tools have been added for the first time.

wifislax 4.3 reaver

This is a release that corrects the recent security issues with OpenSSL, as well as a bug in Linux kernel that could cause memory overflow. Contact, corrections and suggestions: Most software packages have been upgraded to their latest versions.

Linux Command Line — a Primer. Linux Essential Wifizlax for Windows Techs. Read the rest of the release announcement in Spanish only, even though the distribution also supports English for further information and a detailed changelog.


Copying columns of text, organizing files, creating torrents.

Save with SIP Trunks. Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter A list of the most common SIP Responses. A number of new programs, such as nano and texinfo, have been added. A new version of Wifislax has been released.

wifislax 4.3 reaver

Please read the complete release announcement in Spanish for further information. Wifislax is a Slackware-based live CD containing a variety of security and forensics tools. The current release has been in development reafer six months, during which time the product underwent significant improvements in terms of system scripts, clean-up and hard disk installation.


Frictions over init diversity grow in Debian. Wifislax is Slackware-based live CD with an extensive collection of tools for performing wireless connection analyses and related security tests, although it can equally serve as a general-purpose desktop Linux distribution with a choice of KDE or Xfce desktops. It ships with Linux kernel 3.