Second, he has to have at least elementary idea about the form of the subject language. Real meaning is different. It is not reconstructed as well as the more known Knossos Palace, but possesses other advantages. He was a co-worker of Antonin Horak once. Mr Dangerous Uncovers the Secret of the


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There are signs on the disc, resembling a fish, snout of an animal and an angle elbow. It was destructed by the great earthquake, that devastated the whole island and many cities. However most of the ruins belong to the second palace.

Only the yoke of enslavement is waiting for me here. The Ghost of the Phaistos Disc has Roused – 1: And if so, which kind of it?

Me wrote, when being damned rams pastured. Wir brauchen keine zweite Hetzjagd, wir hatten gerade eine. The translations were presented with a great deal of fantasy.

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Post your response in the comment section below! Scientists have been trying to decipher the mysterious “Phaistos Disk” ever since the year-old clay disk was discovered in It was quite large and possesses many similarities to the Knossos palace.


Secrets wmmagazln the Phaistos Disc – 3: The forty-five hieroglyphic symbols contained on the disk appear on both sides in a circular pattern. There are apparent remnants of the sewerage system in the floor.

During the years this triangle became a destination of many researchers and tourists from all over the world. It is exhibited in wmmagzin Heraklion Archaeological Museum on Crete. One of the earliest data disks comes in the form of a discovery on the southern coast of the Island of Crete.

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Marketing Production of the World Cup magazine was made cost-effective by involving premium partners. Emotional content of the message testifies humiliation, violence dmmagazin will to get back to her loved one.



Phaistos was an ancient city on the island of Crete. But what is markedly different is not only the material and method but the dynamic nature of data. Smmagazin syllables into words 6.

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It is an unique archaeological finding. You can find a village on Moravia with a name Sucha Loz, located in a vine-growing region. Real meaning is different.

Part I of my video on the Phaistos Disc. It was created by my ancestors.


Phaistos Disc –